October 23, 2008


i know i forgot to wish you on your special day babe. i'm so sorry. so to make it up to you i dedicate this post especially for you.

on your birthday,
remember to thank Allah for giving u life on earth
remember to thank your parents for letting you see the world and shower you with love n happiness
remember to thank your friends for adding spice n sweetness to your life.
numbers don't really matter just as long as you lived your life as you wanted, that what makes you young..

thank you for being a great friend to me...remember how we started to became friends???thank you to the internship period..eheheh..missing and love you so much babe.

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DeJah saLLeh said...

awwww babe... terharu!!!! thanks and many thanks for the special wishes. Thanks for being my friend too.. of course i remember how we become friends.. it started on the first day of internship and actually on the first hour..weeeeee... i laugh ok when remembering those times.. really miss that 8 months. and i miss u too..ehehehee... thanks again... love,hugs and kisses.