October 21, 2008

my weekend

nothing much to write about the weekend.
spend time @ home watching anything on astro.may it be cooking shows, cartoons and what so ever.

my dearest cousin got engaged on sunday. she was pretty in purple. the pelamin with chandelier and all. it was all nice. congratulations Imma. now i'm wondering who will be next in the Zain's family???it shld be Ita then. she's getting married in November? or is it December? I'm all confused..so many weddings to attend to makes me wonder when is it my turn? i bet ya it's not goin to happen soon.

so this Friday, Ija n me are goin to sleepover @ Arina's house. we're leaving for KB next morning @ 7am. i can't wait to go to Gjoe & Syatul's reception and jalan2 in KB.ehehe. hope everything will be ok there.

Boy & Kak Zuhara is planning to go to Bandung again. So i might be tagging along with them next year. i think they are planning to go in April. baby u wanna come along? we can celebrate your birthday there and no need to be shy...u've met Boy & Kak Zuhara..ehehe..anyone else wanna join us?i think this time i want to shop for myself. i'm not gonna take any orders from anyone.i'm being selfish here peeps. ngeeee... :P

i will be goin to Miri soon. Not holiday..mind you people..it's for work. i do hope that i'll be able to conduct everything well and smooth. i'm kinda nervous. looking for help from my colleagues...sape ade di Miri ek????

so i've watched house of bunny with my boo..i know..i know..i know what u people are thinking..ehehe..but that's like the only show at that time and we haven't seen any movies for like ages!!!anyway i'm so glad i've watched it because it was so dumb and so freakin funny! well it made my day very happy. i think it was because of too many endorphines being released. and i managed to released my stress.good good me.yayness!!

ok all..have a nice day.toooodaaaloo~~

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