November 12, 2008

i'm in one of those days...

ok..i'm currently facing one of those days..where i see certain people whom look or have anything similar to him.


i'm goin nuts! i think it's time for him to come back.uhuhuhu.
i need to see him. eventhou just for a short while would do.

i told him about this and he only laughs.geezz..x riso ke ur gf goin nuts? :P

ohh..i had the local fruit in miri - tarap. nice. it looks like cempedak and the isi also. difference only in the taste n color of the isi. it's kinda beige color and it taste so nice. sweet n nice. when u cool it in the fridge it's much more nicer! i've also had the small local durian. very cute one! isi color orange. almost like a neon orange.ehehe.nice and the smell not that strong as in the normal big durians.good la! thanks to Lena's sis for bringing us there. nice nice people la dieorg ni..

i got the stuff from houston already. thanks shikin! the wallet is nice. and the bag....haih...i next trip i pesan more!

friendship wise...hmmm..kinda quite lately. i think because everyone is caught up in work. maybe one day we'll just gather everyone up and have dinner together. i managed to invite huda over this sunday. at last can jumpe you, sis. it's been too long already.

my bro is sitting for his SPM. all da best to him. i know u don't like to study but try ur best kay. he's been trying so hard to study..huhuhu..kesian die.terlentok2 atas meja je.huhuhu..don't worry bro...lagi a few more days and u'll be done.

i'm in the mid of preparing for my lil' bro function. nak kena pi sunat.eheheh..alahai..dah besar dah die..and i'm getting old.uhu.don't worry lil' bro..u'll be fine.kejap je day dah leh pi main bola dah.ehehehhe..

i'm also looking into buying condo.huahuahua....seen some that i've like but it's out of my league..too expensive..i guess when u want something nice, it gonna cost more. there ain't anything cheap for nice things..huhuhu.just gotta look and search some more..anyone have any suggestion??

my main goal on saving now it's like..for:
  1. condo
  2. wedding
  3. future

my parents already suggesting some things for my wedding..uhuhuhu..i don't know why.they seem to be really into it nowadays and it's kinda making me feel nervous and stressed. i'm not even engage or anything and he doesn't even have plans for it chill la....hiyaaa..kadang2 parents bole menakutkan anak2 in weird ways...this is how my parents do it.talking and planning about wedding when it's not even near yet..or shall i say in the picture yet.

so let me continue worrying and daydreaming about my wedding.ahahaha.


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dYnA said...

CePat LaA sArAh KawiN...
mEsti GojEs!
uwAa..nK KawiN jugAk!