November 20, 2008

so long and farewell my dear friend and kenduri utk aziq

so we celebrated Azra's last day here with us. it was fun. makan chicken...Kenny Rogers because Azra likes or i should re phase that..LOVES CHICKEN..~~~sile sebut CHICKEN seperti Azra menyebut nya.~~~tq!

then we bought a cake and a huge card to celebrate it back in the office. mkn cake after eating not sesuai..KENYANG YANG AMAT!

after office, some of us went KA-RA-OKE..i didn't get to go coz i need to prepare for my bro's kenduri.ehehhe..wat bunga telur and door gift for the tetamu yang hadir.
so balik rumah, i started to rebus all the eggs. i got so many advice from people on how to make sure that the boiled egg won't i used what my officemate told me. put the eggs in the pot. put some water. and add some salt in it. boil on a slow-medium fire. tadaaa!! the result was good. i got only 5 cracked eggs from the total of 50.ehehehe..bagus2.boleh dah kawin!

so next was to prepare the bunga telur.terima kasih to my bro, Jaan, for helping me out. Ajim langsung x turun. alasan die..."mane org reti wat bende2 nih...kaklong reti la sbb kaklong pompuan and Jaan creative" alasan yg sgt POYO..apela Ajim ni. well Aziq helped by teman me sampai i finished it.that will do..

the kenduri turned out smooth. Alhamdulillah. everything cukup. thanks to those yang telah menolong. jiran2ku...siap pinjam khemah pakcik jalal utk masak. yep this time masak sendiri ok!
my dad slept like around 3am to cook all the food.i was on my bed snoring away @10pm.hahaha..hempeh tol.penat ok.thanks to those yg datang also.actually it was also kenduri kesyukuran for me because i got a job and good pay and everything la.ehehehhe.again Alhamdullilah.

i got MC for 2 days. the doctor gave to me because no one is available at home to take care og Aziq.cian la die.ehehe..he kept saying..."ma..sakit ma...bile nak baik ni ma???"cian die.but after 5 hours of sleep..he was hungry.semua benda nak mkn and he keeps going to the loo.haih..letey gak jaga org yg bersunat nih.

the next day..went to the doc again to cabut the balutan.OUCH!!!sakitnye...huhuhu.i pulak yg rase sakit.huhu.but okla..he doesn't whine so much like yesterday.eheheh..getting better i guess.
cepatla baik...i want to go see madagascar 2!!!! :P

so conclusion....ALHAMDULILLAH and THANK YOU to those yg dtg.of course they wont be reading this blog because most of them are my parents' friends.ngeeee~~~~


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