December 11, 2008

2008 resolution..ok or not??

well new year is coming let's see how many things have i accomplished in my 2008 resolution...jap ek..kena cari entry tu jap. x igt la bile wat.huhuhuhu...owh..daku sudah jumpa..let's start

new year resolution #1: save more money for kahwin ==> about 200/month
accomplished! i saved more than i intended to..good job!

new year resolution #2: go holiday oversea either with family or friends
right on target! i went to bandung with arina n ija..FUN..totally~~oso bankrupt~~wuhuuu

new year resolution #3: change of style..wear sumthing proper and try to use a lil' makeup...uhuh ==> tough one cause i dont like the feel of it..
geez..not really. i did wear makeup..emm.. sumtimes. wear sumthing proper..i need to clarify myself on this..i don't know what i meant by sumthing proper..doink!

new year resolution #4: be more charitable. maybe do some volunteer work on weekends.
does donations count?hope so.have not done any voluteer work..does babysitting count?...ahahaha..

new year resolution #5: hang out with friends more often
early in the year, spend lots of time with them but towards the end, everyone was caught up in work and really don't have time for each other.including me...SUCKS!

new year resolution #6: need to be more active & productive and also have a better life after office hours...
active n productive...hmm..ok i think life after office is just tiring and i think spending time with my family is better off.did go out a few times with my cousins n friends..but mostly out with my bros..dieorg ni suke menyusahkan kaklong dieorg..tgh2 mlm pun lapa n ajak kuar..

so that was it...i'll think of 2009 resolution later. i already got 1 in my mind.ehehhe..


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