December 01, 2008

girls's nite INN

i spent the nyte @ aliza's house on thursday. shikin also. we had a blast in givin aliza a hard time.**wink**wink**

her house is so nice!!shikin n i was freakin excited and made us feel like we wanted to but one.ahahah...

like normal girls, we cooked our dinner. homemade dinner. chef was aliza, helper shikin n me of course. so this was the menu that awesome nyte

Salad dressing~~shikin's style

Salad~~healthy food

Lemon Coke

Chicken Beriyani Gam

Kacang Goreng

After dinner, we started the art class. Painting. It was fun. We were good in not making a mess. :)

We thot of taking pictures but the rain didn't stop so we cancelled on that. Next morning, shikin made nasi goreng and we brought it to the office. oh..we also brought the caramel pudding. X sempat nk makan mlm td sbb terlalu kenyang. hehehe.

let's do this again!!!

~~off to work~~

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