December 19, 2008


there's an orchid in my office. actually it belongs to a colleague of mine. his wife gave it to him.

so, since he was not here most of the time, the orchid kinda 'died'. no one took care of it..kesian pokok.

then another colleague of mine came back and took care of it. she told me how it should be. she said that orchid is tough. they can still grow if the root is still good. so, i placed the orchid near the window so that it will get it's sunlight and i water it every few days.let it do its fotosistesis and walla! magically there's a new one coming out. yay! i got green hands.see for urself..



Scribbles said...

good job, girl!!!
can prove JK that he's is SO WRONG

SaRaH said...

ehe.thank you..i've already shown it to JK..eheh..