December 27, 2009

can't hold it in

it's been 4 days since he's gone. May Allah bless his soul and may he rest in peace.
i kept myself quiet for awhile and it's not working well for me. when ever i hear the word, it stings my heart. i cry alone in the dark wishing that he's back. i have to let go of this. semua manusia pasti akan kembali kepada-Nya. i can just pray for him.

i don't why i'm feeling so sad about it. maybe because i didn't get the chance to know him more. the call made my heart skipped a beat and i froze. then my eyes were filled with tears. suddenly what ever story that baby had told me about him all came back and made me cry harder. i tried to be strong but i couldn't. when my friend called asking how i was, i cried harder. she told me that i need to be strong.she said that i have to be by baby's side and be the stronger one this time. she told me to that when i meet baby and the rest of the family i would be able to help them.thank you my dear Fatin.

that evening.... we waited for the jenazah to arrived. i tried to hold back my tears so hard when they placed Arwah in the living room. he looked peaceful and calm.

that nite....picked baby up. for the first time, both of us kept quiet. i asked one question, he'll answer then silence again. i told him....i'm sorry and i cried. i looked at him but not a drop of tear in his eyes. then it was silence again. the only communication there was in the car that nite.

when we arrived at his house, my parents and my friends were there. he hugged his mom, sisters and brothers.after while he came out. on his knees in front of Arwah. that's when i saw it.

baby, i'm sure abah is proud of you and your siblings. i don't know what to say but i love you.

may Arwah future FIL rest in peace and may Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah.

Thank you to those who helped baby's family...your kindess will be not be forgotten.

New Year..New Beginning..

December 15, 2009

ade mood so tulis la

my future FIL is in the hospital. he's been in the hospital for almost 9 days already. i do hope the doc will refer him to IJN. risau ok. and kesian ok. hope all will be better. my parent tak abis2 suruh i call baby and ask how's abah is doin. everyone's worried. sekejap doc kata jantung die lemah sekejap doc kata jantung die ok. tp kaki die takde buat ape2 pun. amik darah dah banyak kali sampai lebam2.kesian sangat. suruh puasa sebab nak bius masa cuci kaki tuh tp skali tak jadi nak cuci. sebab darah cair plak. okla. kena tunggu lagi 1 week baru bole cuci kaki. tp abah dah tak sanggup nak duduk kat hospital.kesian kena a lay-man infection.

hari ahad lepas tgk abah, teman baby gi sunway. die nak check-in. he has training at puchong and that's the hotel the company booked for him. sampai je terus check in. skali ada problem plak. they can not verify the letter for payment of some sort. so we end up have to pay. firstly they want full payment. OMG was the only thing that came out from my mouth. mana nak cari duit untuk bayar full payment. then the manager came and said we can pay for 1 day and they will refund once they have verify the letter. next thing to do, find an atm machine so we can pay for the deposit.hehehe...kelakar gile sbb 2-2 tgh kekurangan duit so kena catu2 duit.hehehe...takpela..asal later leh dpt blk. once dah amik duit and byr, the boy tanya.."this room only comes with breakfast for 1. do you want me to make it for 2?" both of us replied, "no!", then the boy looked at us..and waits for us to say "no!". ehehehe..kesian je. so then baby went up and put his bag away and we went for dinner. i was starving. end up makan kat kedai mamak depan hotel. nasi goreng ayam RM6. wohhooooo....mentang2 la kat sunway. nasi goreng ayam kat Abbas Rm3.5 je....nasib la sedap. after dinner baby send me home. sesat kejap tp sesat for a good reason bcoz baby knows how to go to his training place next day. :)

i was reading B2B blogs and suddenly came to rumahkebaya. they're are having promo right now. i think la. so i texted baby...and guess what he replied?... "sounds cool...bile nak pegi?" my reaction??? WOW!!!! baby nak pegi terus? hehehehe...slalu tak camni. i dunno what he has in mind but i loike it.hehe. is it too early?? apa pendapat korang? rumahkebaya bole ke nak survey2 dlu? skali kena book trus abis la kiteorg. kiteorng ni jakun ok...all this wedding2 stuff. we actually have no clue ape kena buat sebenarnye...hahaha...ada guideline? i know i know...i;ve been buying pengatin magazine but i end up looking at the pictures je..i should be excited.well i am excited but takot! normal la kan? bile baca B2B blog...rasa macam eh....terer nye dieorg nih. dah tau nak theme color, baju design camne and etc. and i'm still lost. maybe i rasa the day jauh lagi kot. ntahla. i tak tau ape nak cakap.oooo...btw...semalam mama kata, "mus nak tunang bulan 1...die dah dapat auora from ur engagement."hihihihi...cute je.FYI, mus is my cousin. die ni senyap je...susah nak dengar die cakap. so yay! bole tlg kak zuhara wat hantaran nnt.ehehehe. happy for him! congrats aza!

conclusion: hope my future FIL sembuh cepat, congrats to my cousin, Mus and his future wife, Aza. bile la i nak serious when making decision for my wedding?

la fin~~

December 14, 2009


i don't have the mood to blog right now.

December 04, 2009

a reminder post to moi'

be thankful of what you have sarah. alhamdulillah.

never try to be someone else. you're born to be unique. everyone's born with his or her own uniqueness.

always share your knowledge.

change is for good. look at it in a different perspective. keep your mind and heart open.

care for others. always care for others.

respect others. respect others first then others will respect you as well. respect yourself.

life is not easy so learn to deal with it!

December 03, 2009

According to You

According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right. According to you I'm difficult, hard to please, forever changing my mind. I'm a mess in a dress, can't show up on time, even if it would save my life. According to you. According to you. But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible, he can't get me out of his head. According to him I'm funny, irresistible, everything he ever wanted. Everything is opposite, I don't feel like stopping it, so baby tell me what I got to lose. He's into me for everything I'm not, according to you. According to you I'm boring, I'm moody, you can't take me any place. According to you I suck at telling jokes cause I always give it away. I'm the girl with the worst attention span; you're the boy who puts up with that. According to you. According to you. But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible, he can't get me out of his head. According to him I'm funny, irresistible, everything he ever wanted. Everything is opposite, I don't feel like stopping it, so baby tell me what I got to lose. He's into me for everything I'm not, according to you. I need to feel appreciated, like I'm not hated. oh-- no--. Why can't you see me through his eyes? It's too bad you're making me decide. According to me you're stupid, you're useless, you can't do anything right. But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible, he can't get me out of his head. According to him I'm funny, irresistible, everything he ever wanted. Everything is opposite, I don't feel like stopping it, baby tell me what I got to lose. He's into me for everything I'm not, According to you. According to you. According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right.

According to You by Orianthi - taken from here

Thanks Aliza for the song! =) According to Aliza, she used to work with the King of Pop. She's the guitarist. And Aliza was right. According to Wiki. Read here.

So many According this time.

I wonder what baby would say about me? According to baby, I'm hard to please. According to baby, I can't make up my mind. According to baby, I get what I want. According to baby, I'm his!!!!!! Correction, I'm almost his.hehehe.

I want to go to the dolphin show at Sunway. Sape mau teman? wanna know more about the show? go here...

December 02, 2009

communication is the key

if u asked baby, he would agree to this.
if u asked me, i would totally agreed to it.

this what we have trouble in right now. we don't have the right time to chit chat on the phone. no more "'s ur day?" or "what did you have for dinner?" and it goes on and on and on. now it's more like "baby..yadadadadadadadadadadadadada" either from him or from me and the other person on the line, which is either me or him, would be half asleep. we would only reply..."hmm..aaaa...oooo". it depends who is the most tired one, usually him, or if it's too late at night, which is me. i sleep at 10pm.
so now. to avoid any communication breakdown, we sms. hahaha...but sms-ing would mean you could end up waiting for reply after 24 hrs or even more. for sms-ing, sometimes there's problem with the network so you either get a delayed reply or your sms was meant to be sent sooner but never got out of your outbox. then we rely on the delivery/send report service. but sometimes you can't trust this also especially when it's raya, chinese new year or etc.
oh talking about that, this year, to celebrate Christmas, we have a new decoration instead of the old big, tall christmas tree.

~meet the gingerbread family~

~gingerbread's house~

he might be coming back next week and i might not be able to see him.wonderful!!!!! whooppee!!

so how to fix this problem we had??? i write in the journal that he gave me 4 yrs ago. yes. it's all in there. love joy surprise anger sadness fear.

pics from here

November 25, 2009

Chelsea Premium Outlets

just read the news..and i found out that...

Chelsea Premium Outlets is gonna set up and outlet in Malaysia!!!!!

read more here: wo!!!!!

FYI, Chelsea Premium Outlet is the largest operator of premium factory outlet malls in US.

you can checkout their websites at

happy happy happy me!! =) =)=) =)









November 23, 2009

bad tudung day

ok i'm having one of this bad tudung day today. i don't have a bad hair day because i'm wearing the tudung. this tudung is kinda soft hence making it hard to shape it. i have a round face and with this tudung is making my face looked my rounder. bulat sangat2! maklumla i have put on a lil tiny winny weight.ahahahaha...

so how to overcome a bad tudung day without spending of $$$???

tadaaa!!! let me introduce you all to mr.handy dandy.

it's not only for wiping your hands but it fix your bad tudung. and the result: nice shaped-ly tudung.hahaha.

ok.the end.

happy mode =)

guess what? guess what? guess what??

I FINALLY GOT TO PURCHASE MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

excited.happy.bersyukur. if convert2 dan sebagai nye kire murah. hopefully it does look the same. and i hope it is a successful transaction..1st time ever do overdasea online shopping. thanks Shikin! and i hope it reaches here safely.

masa nak beli bag ni, i have to asked a few peeps about it.

baby: ok bah.putih ok je.
mama: 2-2 color pun ok. mama rasa mama pun nak satu. then kite leh tuka2. =)
ayah: putihla ok. nampak classy..tapi kena pandai jaga la.
jazz: orang suka putih
ajim: putih je la kaklong..cepatla..orang plak nak gune internet
aziq: kuning la.lain dr yg lain.orang memang suka color2
abang: mana je. asal kan pakai nanti.
jaan: tiada di rumah. die tengah exam skang ni. all da best bro!

satu rumah i asked for opinion. ye la.earning money is not easy..and neither is spending it. kena pikir banyak2.

conclusion: white it is.

i'm gonna go for a cake hunting in december. can anyone suggest where? this is not for moi..but for my bestfriend, fuz.

November 16, 2009

behind the rain there's the sun

i was kinda down today because the bag that i wanted to make as hantaran was not on sale anymore...some more the weather was raining and i had to go to the client's office. i hate walking in the rain when i'm working. if i was in a different situation, i love walking in the rain.skali skala nak kembali ke zaman riang kanak-kanak ribena. i love ribena!!ok my entry will be in a continuous mode. whatever i have in mind i will write eventhough it has nothing got to do with the post or whatever.

anyway..morning was dull, boring, down...after lunch..oh credit card buat hal lagi. i dunno what's wrong with it. sekejap leh pakai pekejap tak bole. kali ni error die..."unidentified card" woho. ape makne nye?? saya pu kurang pasti. nasib ada opismate ku terchinta menolongku. tu la..bile mama tny,"nak duit ke tak?" lain kali jawab je nak.hahaha..jangan nak tunjuk action.ok bab credit card takleh nak pakai dah tamat.back to my main idea...anyway...after that incident at the store, i went back to my office. bila sampai di meja.....JENG JENG JENG...ada bungkusan.
weeehooo!!!!a package from Labuan..with love~~~muahahahaa.gediks mode plak. since baby can't come back, he post the "thing" to me.hahaha..ini pun atas pujuk rayu tunang dia yang tak tau nak saba.hahahaha.thanks baby! love it! tak saba nak pakai. kena cari baju untuk match kan.ehehehe...tunggu baby balik and we shop ok?love love you.nak tau ape?ehehhe...lihat la...he knows what i like!aaaaaaaaaa...pandai baby pilih.

ooo...and that's his biz card. he gave me one earlier but i lost it at the postoffice. i was sending him our engagement picture.anyways...i need to buy this. ok i'm not good in this Gundam stuff but i need to get this. this will be one of our hantaran. yes it's a bit weird but we're cool with it.something different. i checked the price...there's like a few different price. i don't know why. can anyone explain why?

below is the picture when i accompanied Ija to the tailor. she wanted to explain to Aunty May about her bridesmaid's dress....the style???wow! gila hebat. abisla arina n i tenggelam. so we had dinner at Fish Manhattan. we should have ordered the platter's for one. we didn't finished it.hahaha.

November 10, 2009

is your weight ideal???

Your Weight is Ideal

Your BMI is 21.7 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25

Congratulations, you are the perfect weight for your height.

Even though you may not be entirely happy with your weight, you are healthy.

So gain or lose a few pounds if you want, but don't go too crazy!

Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!

i love this..


mariah carey - i want to know what love is

masih lg emotionally disturbed.sekian.

emotionally disturbed

yep. the title of this post is how i'm right now.

how it started? i dunno. maybe it's a mix of stress here and there. actually work has nothing got to do with this.

bengong jap. sape suruh tengok cerita sedih. but i didn't know that it's a sad movie. so after watching this movie, my eyes were red. i cried like i haven't cried before.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....tak mau dah tgk cite ni. sedih bangat. ok walaupun sedih, i managed to find another song for my wedding. thanks to this movie.lepas tengok terus download.

i guess the hardest thing about being apart from each other right now is mainly preparing for the wedding. i feel like i have no support from him. maybe it's the wrong timing? maybe i'm too excited? maybe? maybe? maybe? cepat la masa berlalu so i don't have to feel like this. and right now...remembering what i said to others....right now...the most important thing is communication between us. if this fails then one by one will go down with it.

he may or may not read this. if he does i'm glad because i can't seem to send the message to him about how i feel right now. if he doesn't then it's ok. i'll still have a wedding to prepare. :)

see how emotionally disturbed i am right now?shoooott!!!!

November 02, 2009

lovey dovey entry

dah lama tak tulis entry yang lovey dovey.
jadi skang ni nak tulis entry yang lovey dovey. jadi be prepare la...

baby cepat la balik. rindu!!! dah sebulan tak jumpe.~~gedik kan? baru sebulan...
cepat la raya haji. sebab raya haji baby balik kan?kan? ~~cross finger hoping he is coming back..
pastu nanti if baby balik i know i will get something from him ~~sebenarnya tak sabar nak dapat benda tuh...
another thing, bila baby balik sini, we can discuss about the wedding. ~~cepat la abis kahwin ni.serabut otak and saya nak guna duit saya untuk shopping and bukan shopping untuk kahwin.

yay! planning for a trip to UK. next year insyaAllah. hope jadi. so lepas kahwin, kumpul duit untuk shop till i drop in UK!!!!!!!!~~baby jangan belikan souvenior you!

ok entry ni takdela lovey dovey sangat. itu je sy nak bagitau.sekian, terima kasih.

October 29, 2009

How to Eat Hotate

Had lunch with Ainul.
It's been awhile since we both had sushi.
So today we went for Sakae Sushi.
DELICIOUS!!!!!!!Sedap sehingga mata susah nak bukak and perut memboyot ke depan.hahaha.
So I had the Unagi Kabayaki with Tempura bento set which looked something like below...need to remove the tori karaage to tempura..
and she had the something hotate something set. The name was long and it wasn't on the website. we were so hungry we forgot to take some pictures. i only took the last minute ones-when the plates are almost empty..ehehe. according to my friend, seriously there's no rules saying that you must follow this, this is how you eat hotate something.

this is how it looks like....

  1. clean your mouth - drink water
  2. clean all the i have no idea what it is but it's kinda like mayonaise plus cheese by placing it on top of the scallop which is already covered with the mayonaise plus cheese
  3. scoop the hotate...
  4. then open wide and stuff it in your mouth.
  5. chew very slowly and enjoy the taste.

ok we're done and full. now let's get back to reality and do your work!

picture of the set was taken from here:

October 26, 2009

hunting for photographer

this will be one of the entry which i have no idea what to blog about but i still want to blog.

title kat atas tuh belom tahu ade kena mengena dengan entry ni.

tadi ada orang jauh buzz i. i'm so happy that she's doing well over there. jeles tengok bakal rumah yang akan dibeli.hihihihi...bestnye if ade rumah camtu!!!!bile la nak ada rumah sendiri. dari start kerja sampai la masih bekerja, still blom ada rumah sendiri. ada je benda lain yang menjadi top dalam "most wanted things". pastu yang kena berkorban adalah beli rumah.eheheh..kesian. takpe one day it will come true!!!

hari jumaat lepas, ada dengar motivasi. pakar motivasi tu berkata, "kita kena ade harapan.harapan tu penting. tak kesah la harapan tu tinggi mana.harapan ini lah yang akan drive kita untuk menjadi orang yang berjaya."

tetibe nak nyanyi lagu menaruh harapan.whut da heck????

ok..photographer mahal!!! terbeliak biji mata bile baca price quotation.huhuhuhu. well that's all for this entry about the much for making it the title of this post.hahaha.

i asked my friend to buy this...

this picture was taken from here..

October 14, 2009

acne miracle

my friend, Ainul, intro me to a product called Nexcare Acne Patch. She said it really works. Just patch it on your pimple then next morning....wallla! Gone!

so i tried it myself to see if it really work or not. so i started buying the small one which has 7 patches inside and it cost around RM4. there are 4 small patches and 3 large patches. i started using the small patch on my pimple on the first night. the next day when i woke up, the pimple is this is good!!! i think it really suits me because i like to prick, poke, and squeeze pimples that I have on my face hence leaving a scar. so if i apply this patch, i won't be able to do any of those and minimize the scars on my face. :)

it says on the packaging that it can be used on whiteheads and blackheads also. But I’ll skip that one. Let me treat all my pimples first then proceed with removing whiteheads and blackheads. Besides, you can use facial scrub to remove whiteheads and blackheads. I’m using Safi Rania Gold at the moment and it seems to be ok with me.

October 13, 2009

purple plan

I love this picture....because it's the picture of the six of us. We finally got together on the day. It was a lot of fun. Just like the good old days in UTP. They were wearing the almost the same shade of color. It was supposed to be a surprise but Ija blurted it out on Friday. I think this picture was from the green camera. I'm not too sure because there was so many sampai ada yang ter'misplace' and etc.
Official picture i have not yet received. Yesterday, Abg Hilmi said, i will only get it next week. I hope it's nice. For the price i'm paying...i think it was kinda expensive. So....i'm making a note to myself to really think about the package.
Future plans? hmmm...i've been doing some research on nikah outfit. we've chosen the date but not yet approved by the parents. we've discussed about the hantarans. so hope all goes well.
Just came back from lunch. Hang out with the guys. (Met mr.Faiz's twin...he is so like mr.Faiz) the guys brainwatched me saying it's not good to be engaged for a long period and etc. many people already told me this. if we were rich, then it wouldn't be a problem. and he's on the other side so we don't really have enough time to discuss or what so ever. but we did discuss...if we have everything already in place then we would move it to an earlier date.
Baju bridesmaid untuk Fuz blom lagi anta jahit. bile ntah nak anta. design ape nak wat pun tak berapa pasti lagi. yang pasti Fuz kasi kaler's her color. nnt bukak magazine untuk cari ilham.
Esok plan nk tengok Papadom. I follow my friend. I pun tak sure citer psal ape. Asal Afdlin Shauki sure bestnye! it's either heart touching or kelakar gile.
How to remove this "missing parameter value" in crystal? nak delete pun tak boleh. pening. tu yang tulis entry ni. sebab tengah fikir solution.....kenapa la ko takleh nak delete...oooo....parameter.
Shikin is probably in the States already. Wishing her the best in the new environment. Don't worry mem, u'r by ur everything should be fine. :) jangan lupa kiteorang kat Malaysia ni!hihihihihi....take care mem!

October 06, 2009

dah selamat dah

yep. i'm officially engaged to mr.faiz.

gosh getting through this event was really tough. a lot of things happened days before. and it involves the people i love and care most. this must be a test from Allah to see how strong i was. sure i was kinda sad that those things happened but it made me realized that i should be thankful.

my best friend brother end up in an accident and was hospitilized. one of his toe was broken. another brother of her was involved in the earthquake that shook Padang. Alhamdulillah he made in back safely here. another best friend of mine (prev entry), just broke up with her bf after 5 years (stupid guy). and to add to all these unfortunate events, there was no water on Friday.

but all came to an end. saturday morning, water was back and running. all my close and dear friends showed up early. just hearing them laugh and gossiping makes me happy and more relaxed. all in all everything was ok. the food was nice. well i enjoyed it and i do hope that all the guest did as well. my dad, aunties and uncles all came. i was a bit emotional when i see all my families together. ija was happy, she tried her best i know. (i still remembered her face when she looked at me and said "mai..sorry mai..sorry sgt2". after the call from the guy's mom.)

so as i said, all bad things will dissappear and happy things will shine. it truly does shine on my day. thank you so much.

October 05, 2009

sebalik senyuman

this post is dedicated to my dearest friend, Ija.

thank you for being so strong and making my day a happy day for all of us.
i know behind ur smile, you were filled with tears. your heart was broken into million of pieces.

i know it's not easy to let go of the feelings you have for him. after all the years you've been together. we will always be by your side babe. helping you. anytime you need a shoulder to cry on you know you can count on us.

he's a bastard you know. doesn't even have the guts to tell the truth to you...and using his mother to cover his a**? what was he thinking? and telling his mother that you have another guy? wah...besar tol kpala mamat nih!..dah la tipu my friend but dosa besar tipu ibu en.latip oiii.....maybe you can do this to my friend this time around but REMEMBER....what goes around comes around. it could happen to your sister or maybe your own daughter. i nak Ija's face haunt you for the rest of your life! padan muka!biar ko takleh hidup much for your alim-ness...poyo je....

arghhh..geram nye kat en.latip ni!!!!!!!! huhuhuhu....saba2...saba2. ok...tarik nafas...

October 01, 2009

update on e-day

Check - Check..

fiancee to be
: me
fiance to be : him
date : 3 october 2009, 14 syawal / saturday
time : 11.30am
venue : taman ehsan

caterer : d'hidang..booked already
canopy (1) : booked together with caterer (with scallop) if i'm not mistaken peach & bronze
menu : nasi beriyani, ayam panggang percik, daging dendeng, dalca sayur, acar buah, puding caramel, buah, air kordial sirap oren bersoda and plus, kari kambing which ayah himself will prepare.

baju tunang
: siap dah. td pagi try fitting..sudah muat kembali. yay!
make-up : kak zuhara..simple2 je..
accesories : mama's and kak su's
veil + tudung : kak su wat kan...sewa je

main favor
: bunga

: amik kawan mama..
jurucakap : pakcik husin. neighbor kat rumah.

deco hantaran : kak zuhara
tema hantaran : peach
mini pelamin : kak zuhara and boy...dieorg ni suami isteri, boy is my cousin.kak zuhara is boy's wife
fresh flower : esok kak zuhara and boy gi beli
handbouquet : kak zuhara buat esok skali with pelamin
dulang (7) : kak zuhara
lapik dulang : sewa with kak su..arini amik..only mama knows how it looks like
alas lantai barang hantaran : tiada

hantaran Me to Him :
dulang 1 : sirih junjung (dah beli bunga pinang + gambir + kapur kat sayang you, kak zuhara buatkan)
dulang 2 : kain untuk nikah & sampin
dulang 3 : songkok & sejadah
dulang 4 : cake (thanks Aunty Teh)
dulang 5 : buah-buahan (thanks Kaklong)
dulang 6 : chocolates (thanks Kaklong)
dulang 7 : bunga rampai (hasil kerja ija & fuz)

hantaran Him to Me :
dulang 1 : pulut kuning (umi masak)
dulang 2 : cincin (risik + tunang)
dulang 3 : kain untuk nikah
dulang 4 : buah buahan
dulang 5 : chocolates

thanks to owner of spreadmyhappiness for the checklist


ooo..esok my best buddies are coming over. sweetkan..take leave just for me. :) i love you gals soo much! i'll prepare some food for you ok. makan, gossip!

September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

have a safe journey to your hometown. :)

2 more weeks!

i don't know how i feel right now.
should i be nervous?
it's just tunang. engagement. nothing big right?
NO!! it's something huge..enormous for me.
i don't know if i'm ready to be someone's fiancee.
to tell you da truth..I"M SCARED!!!!!
it's mind boggling scary wary....

shishhh...baru bertunang..blom kawin lg.hahahaha.

from my side, preparation are almost done.
still have the hantaran, and door gift and the mini pelamin to do.
outfit done. tinggal nak pakai je. hopefully muat. takot gemok and tak muat. if tak muat make it fit jugak! i spend a lot on it..geezz..

from his side...he said after raya baru nak start.not much things to be done on his.

kawan rapat sudah ku jemput. ahli keluarga pun sudah di jemput.

almost done...but i'm not ready.huhuhu. is this normal? normal ke? takut nak bertunang? i said before..tunang.not kawin.haiyaaaa...gotta get a grip la girl!

i shall be happy on my e-day.i will be happy on that day. if you are not happy then too bad! (tengah mempositive kan diri sendiri)

September 16, 2009

one by one...


wish you all the best in the new environment.

now....should i be.........?????

September 07, 2009

September 03, 2009

an act of kindness

yesterday when i was on my way to work i saw something.
it really touches my heart. i'm in the state of emotional mixed-up yesterday.

so there i was crossing the street.."tengok kiri, tengok kanan, tengok kiri, cross!!"
then when i reached at the top of the stairs, i saw it.

there he was. he was all clean and tidy. very smart. siap pakai spec mata hitam. but i saw him struggling. i didn't notice it at first. but later only i realized that he was holding a walking stick..ohh..he was blind. now i know what's with the sunglass. there was a guy and a lady walking by...anda rasa sape kah yang akan menolong the blind guy?

jeng..jeng..jeng...well i thought that itwas going to be the guy but i was wrong!!! the lady helped the blind guy. i was like..."aaawwww....baiknye~~~"terharu....bile i selisih ngan the guy i said to myself but quite loud..."bagus nya akak tu tolong orang tuh..." then the guy pusing his head to me and i gave him a big wide SMILE!

dalam bulan puasa ni apa salahnye tolong orang yang susah...dapat pahala bukan dapat dosa.

sekian, tamat.

August 28, 2009

Dapat Award! yippie!

wow wee..pagi- pagi tengok blog dan dapati saya telah mendat award dari tumblerbiru. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. ehehhe. what a way to start a day. never before i got an award for my blog. so thank you. leh lompat-lompat atas meja sekarang.

so memandangkan bulan ni bulan yang baik lagi dirahmati, maka, saya pun nak kasi award kat beberapa blogger lain yang slalu saya baca. so to these bloggers, congrats!
meh sini cek ape yang kena buat setelah mendapat award (ye ade checklist):

1. Place the logo on your blog - Done

2. Award this award to other bloggers that inspires you. - Done

3. Make sure to thank the person you received the award from by backlink. - Done

4. Inform the bloggers that you gave award to by leaving comment on theirs. - Done

5. Berbagi cinta dan sayang untuk penghargaan ini kepada pemberi anugerah ini.. - Done

terima kasih tumblerbiru. :)

August 27, 2009

tatkala kebosanan


I got a song stuck in my head right now. Thanks to the radio this morning.

"Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Ku pergi sebentar
Bukan untuk curang
Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Nanti aku datang
Bawa yang kau pesan"

and this is my version

"Please please please
Get out of my head
I need to concentrate
Please Please Please
Get out of my head
I need some peace of mind"

Ija n Fuz sure ingat lagu ni...ehehehhe..lagu roadtrip to Kuantan ;)

If anyone is interested, lagu tu tajuknya adalah Jangan Nakal by Aliff Satar. It's a catchy song, no doubt about it.

August 25, 2009

up up and away

how's puasa so far? sure ok kan..that's good. come on's only been like 4 days.

yeah i remembered, on the 1st day of puasa, when it was time to break fast, my lil' bro said to me..

"kaklong, kite ade 29 hari lagi nak puasa." i agreed to him but then i said to myself.."eh..aziq ni..dah start countdown ke? baru 1 hari puasa..ehehe.."

then i remembered when i was at his age i used to do the same. 1 hari means so much when you're little. but it also means so much when we're old. it's like 1 day to finish your final year project.hahaha...FYP. what a memory. why is it when it's like a really crucial time, everything go all messed-up? suddenly the computer doesn't want to start. your printer is making funny dotted can't find where your glasses are..and etc. are we psycho-ing ourselves? i think we are. i mean that's what i think. i psycho myself out. i guess it's just to keep me alert.

anyways, yesterday i got my tudung and veil already for the e-day. dah try skali gus semua and it's nice. pandai Kak Su match. my mom n i amat berpuas hati.simple n nice. so now i need to find my kasut. there's also some changes to be done to some stuff for the e-day. i need to look for more things now. hope i can find a nice one and within budget. nak kena gi ronda-ronda jalan TAR la ni....oooooooooooooooooo......

i think next two weeks, i'm gonna start baking raya cookies. this year have to double the amount because all my brothers want to take some back to hostel. so gotta prepare myself for a long baking day. i persuaded my mom to bake nescafe this year. since Kakcik loves it so much so why not. last year tak buat so this year can do. of course main cookies will be as always choc chip n almond, and my all time favourite - biskut arab...which reminds me that i also need to bake extra to give to baby's family. last weekend, we bought everything for the baking saba nak bake cookies. mama kata kali ni pakai 2 tempat bakar - 1 microwave, 1 dapur gas nye. huhuhuh....hope i won't burnt any cookies.

selamat berbuka to all~~today the weather very clear!! i can see genting from the office. walaa! and the clouds all puffy muffy looking.tetibe teringat.........sedap nye marshmellow~~~

August 21, 2009

i'm almost there

yep..i'm almost there but not quite yet. still hanging on.

i counting every tick the clock is making and i just can't wait till it reached 5.00!!!! yeah's FRIDAY and i'm looking foward for a rest. My body just feels tired. I got MC for this week but didn't get to use it because of work... so i really can't wait till the clock on this laptop shows 5.00 pm!!!!!

esok sudah start puasa. i hope my throat will be able to tahan. it's still swollen a bit. my voice is getting better.

so i would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims out there, Selamat Berpuasa. Happy Ramadhan. May this be your best Ramadhan ever!

take care!

p/s: Happy Birthday to Ayah & Huda. :)

August 14, 2009

i got the DVD and more!

a complete season 4 of how i met ur mother.yippie!

i also got another thing which is sore throat. i have no voice.huhuhuhu. the haze is making me sick. i can feel that my asthma is here ready to work inhaler.long time no use already. i'm trying to not be dependent on it. i know i can control my asthma so i don't have to worry so much.

plus...i have training goin on. i smsed my supervisor on saturday saying i lost my voice. he said there's no replacement.

so on monday, i showed up at the office and prepared myself for a very long day. then suddenly...tadaaa!!!! Lena, came to the rescue! i can rest my sore sore throat...thanks a lot Lena!!! FYI. Lena was in another training but she was called out to replace me. Isn't she a nice!!! terharu bangat.

hopefully i can have my voice back so i can continue with the training.

baby is in Concorde for training. have fun!

~~barli and kembang semangkuk makes a good remedy for sore throat!~~

August 13, 2009

plans only plans

what lies ahead no one knows except for God. so as human, we're suppose to plan our lives out. so i'm making my plans to meet up with my friends.

first on top of the list is meeting Baby and family. Got things to discuss about. very important..

second up is with Huda, Fuz, Ija. this Sun for lunch. hope it will alright with all of us.

third is lunch tomorrow to celebrate Fatin's Birthday. dah lepas dah pun tp disebabkan minah ni busy sangat so sampai skang la tak celebrate.ehehehe.

next is berbuka puasa with Arina, Ija, Fatin, Syatul and Fiena. Not sure when yet...but it's a start right?

so as for now, i wish that tomorrow will be a better day for us all.

~real friends are those that have the guts to tell to your face if you're wrong.~

August 12, 2009

what i've been up to lately


road trip to Kuantan for Syibli n Suraya wedding. Cute couple.

~nikah picture taken from facebook~

Kiteorang sesat because of the very useful map. Thanks to pakcik Petronas for helping us out with the direction. At last we reached our destination and everyone was hungry. it was the prefect time because Syib n Suraya was just starting to 'berarak' masuk ke dewan.

~gmba pelamin..cantik'ah tgh makan pls ignore..eeheh~

we stayed until picture time. i think Syib was so terharu because we came..Shidan and Faiz was also there but they didn't stayed until picture time. normal la..we gals love to camwhore. after photo session, head back to KL but didn't go straight home. we went to Midvalley for the Wedding Expo. Fuz nak gi sangat so what da heck...ikut je la. Bole tumpang gak cari idea.hahahaha...Fuz gi ngan baju kebaya and becoz of that she got a number from a guy at Carl's Jr. now who says you need to go to a bar to be picked up? Carl's Jr. pun bole tau...ehehehe...then head back home after droppin Caah. Slept over at Fuz's but to sleepover there was not easy. We have to shout, climb, laugh and etc to get into the house. I can't believe we have to break in to Fuz's house because the maid didn't hear us calling for her. Tido mati ok. (not so sure...maybe she went to the neighbour's house) after we went to the back of her house we finally got in. i guess the maid came managed to come home and opened the door for us. sessi mengurut gune kerusi ogawa yang best and gossip bermula. then followed by sessi try baju kahwin Fuz..baju macam besar but don't worry Fuz akan alter to fit her nicely. fuz dah kurus.ehehe. then everyone dozed off until the next morning at 9am. like normal breakfast at our fav hang out place...abbas then she sent Ija n me home.

~~iklan kejap. if dah pinjam kereta and rosak sila la baiki. orang dah cakap kereta tu takleh nak travel jauh korang degil!!!! nak jugak guna and now dah rosak. ape lagi keluarkan la duit korang tuh. degil and kedekut. asyik nak menyusahkan orang lain. ingat my parent cop duit ke?????bile susah cari kiteorang then bile senang lupe... bile orang cakap takmo sila la bayar and baiki balik kereta itu. saya nak guna kereta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give back da car!!!!~~

continue yesterday my officemate n i celebrated Aliza's birthday in advance. because her actual birthday falls in Ramadhan so can not celebrate it on that day.

We went out for lunch at Cozy's Corner Ampang Park. Then tea-time, we makan her birthday cake and gave her the present. We're all so glad that she liked the present. Penat perah otak pikir nak beli apa untuk die. Happy Birthday Aliza. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. :)

August 05, 2009

TV shows that I like..

cite ni klaka ok..bole happy kan diri pada hari Monday...

always loved this show from the start.

mula start tengok mase kat UTP.

sama dengan scrubs..start ikut masa kat U. and i missed the season finale aritu!!!!
baru je start follow..siap cari dvd lagi ok...

cite ni comel and i like..skang ni anak2 die sume dah besar.

August 03, 2009

baby sitting lil' Thaqiff

on Saturday, i became a baby sitter. well not really.

Arina n I went to Dejah's bro wedding so i asked Arina to bring her nephew along.
Thaqif is so cute!!! with his big brown eyes and da chubby cheeks.eeeee...geram!! dah la baik..tak nangis pun. and he can easily go to sleep. cakap pun bole....his fav word.."apa ni"

it was really fun. dah lama takde budak kecik in my family and i think that's why la my lil' bro jadi mangsa. i spoil him too much. even my friends said so. so bile Thaqif datang, everyone in my house was excited.hahahaha...ayah pun excited. jarang nampak ayah excited over baby.ahahaha..he acts kinda weird when there's kids around. i think ayah tak tau camne nak handle kot.

i remembered ade one evening when we went to Makngah's house, my cousin's son, Danial, went up to my ayah and started talking..

"Tok Man..Tok Man..Tok Man keje ape? Danial nak tulis pasal Tok Man la. Try Tok Man baca story I tulis.." we all waited to see how my ayah would react...nasibla die layan macam kelaka.ahahahaha...

and as normal, my mom would suggest, "bagi Thaqif makan nestum nak? die makan Nestum tak?" to my mom: baby = eat

everytime ade budak kecik die nak bagi makan. no wonderla kiteorg sehat sehat belaka masa kecik. berketul2 badan. my cousin nye anak abis dah kena. sampai je makngah nye rumah...the 1st question she will ask is "dah makan ke belom? nak makan tak?" itu belom dieorang datang our house....tak bole balik selagi tak makan..hahaha.

lepas kenduri balik rumah tukar baju then pegi bawak Thaqif melawat Aunty Ija..kesian Aunty Ija merah- merah...macam lobster. Thaqif suke sangat main lompat- lompat atas kerusi bulat. pastu masa tengok ikan makan dalam kolam...mulut die bising..ehehehe..

then we went to OU...tapi masuk je kete...Thaqif trus tido.letey main lompat-lompat kot...sampai OU pun tido je. jalan2 tunggu abang Arina sampai. tido je si comel..siap senyum2 lagi.

tak saba nak jumpe Thaqif lagi. ehehe..ntah2 next time jumpe Thaqif lagi banyak cakap..

July 30, 2009

blue, aqua, and what's next??

i'm thinking about painting my room again. i'm getting bored with the current color.ehehe. and i think it's making my room a bit dark.

so far, i have light colors in my mind. even right now, my room is in light blue. i need to make it look bigger and more space.and the color should match the furniture which is in candy wood color. i have something like below in mind but then again it's kinda pale looking...gotta have some colors....

well....according to some researched that i've done..painting the ceiling and wall the same color can give of taller and larger room..hmm..maybe i should give it a try. ehehehe..

how about light aqua??? paint one wall with light aqua and 3 walls with light beige/cream like the one in the picture above...if like that, i need to figure out which wall will be painted in aqua....hmm?????

or i could maintain the 1 wall with the current color and change the other 3 walls with a different, natural color???

a lighter blue grayish...

this is my current wall color...

maybe i need to paint my doors and windows parent will so not let me do that..

Images taken from here:

and while i was surfing and researching..i came across this blog.... this girl, Akanksha, will wear only 1 dress for 365 cool is that??? save money and makes you more creative in styling.

color oh light my days... :)

July 28, 2009

another talent gone

al-Fatihah to our dear writer, producer, Yasmin Ahmad.

reading her blog is making me having goosebumps. i'm not sure why. her works are brilliant. always make you open your mind..see what's beyond.

a very talented person indeed!

u'll be missed and may you rest in peace.

July 23, 2009

utilized please!

i want to be utilized!!!! i can't take this anymore.

gimme stuff to do. other than answering phone calls...eheheh.

data entry pun bole! saya terima!

geezzz.....i sound so desperate but memang desperate pun...

for the time being enjoy while you can...tengah think positive ni.

July 17, 2009

a post dedicated to my dad and my ayah

i have 2 great men in my life and i feel totally blessed. so this post is dedicated to them. i know they are not reading my blog but i feel like writing about them. i know father's day is way out but it doesn't mean that i can't write about them on any other day.

my two fathers. they are totally opposite of one another. one is open-minded and i can share almost anything with him and another one, i won't share everything because there's a limit, it's not that i don't want to share it's just i think it's a way of respecting him. one is tall, dark and good-looking, (if he is reading my blog, i'm sure he'd be smiling from ear to ear..or he leaps off his chair for happiness -perasan la tuh) and another is average in height, fair than the other and cute (ok, if he's reading this, i think his face would go all red -malu la plak). one is very strict and another is very easy-going. one is tech-savy and another is so-so.

what do these two men have in common??? they have me as a daughter. hahahaha. both of them are very good with numbers. they're good friends.isn't it weird? but i'm glad that they're ok with one another. next, both loves Beemer. both are good in business..always having ideas on having own business someday and i pray for them so that their dreams would come true. both gives me a lot of good advice about life and always makes me stay positive...especially when i'm in trouble or when i have problems.. always trying to make me happy and makes sure that i am and will be.

i remembered when i was a little girl, when i was in the car with them (separate events), my favorite question would be "dad/ayah...kenapa bulan ni ikut kite?" and to my surprise both of them replied the same(in different sentence je). they would say.."it means you're will always shine your way even in the darkest place." and at that time i was be the happiest little girl in the world.

so...when that day arrives, where they will hand me over, i will cry my heart out.....( note to my dear bffs: please be ready with boxes and boxes of tissue. ) i'll pray that the guy i choose will make me happy like how my fathers always do.

so to my fathers, thank you. thank you for everything.

July 15, 2009

Stabbed in a Courtroom..

I was shocked to read the paper and found out that even in courtroom you can be killed.

No where in this world is safe anymore.

Marwa el-Sherbini,an Egyptian women, was murdered at Dresden Court in Germany. She was stabbed 18 times by her neighbor in front of the judge, her 3 year old son and husband. 18 times!!!! And she's pregnant with the second child. This is so cruel! Where were the guards when this happened? And another thing..her husband was shot by one of the guards because he was trying to save his wife..

AAAA...this is a heart-trenching news!!! Why not shoot the killer?

The husband is in critical condition..

Poor child...

Read more here.

July 14, 2009

best paper award..alhamdulillah.

i received a sms from baby just now.

"Boo, dpt best paper! Ehe."

i replied, "wah! congrats sayang!"

he replied, "ehe.tq." --> tgh excited la tuh.hahahah...tahniah sayang! if jadi dinner malam ni, saya belanja.

love you lots!

July 13, 2009

shoppin with him

Saturday was a very very fun and tiring day.

He spends the whole day shopping with me. yippie. tak pnah rase letey cam itu.
So this time around we headed to somewhere different. It’s very difficult for us to go out on a day in KL but we did it this time around. Destination: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman @ Jalan TAR.

We managed to buy all the stuff needed for the hantaran already. pening kpala nak pilih kain. baru tau ade banyak jenis kain. and now i undertsand why muslim guys are not allowed to wear silk as in 100% silk. We both learned something today. :) ade silk from daun and ade silk from insect/ the one that the guys are not allowed to wear is the one from insect/animal. i thought that all silk are made out of insect/animal. i didn't know that there are silk made from daun. punya la berdebat dengan orang yang jual kain tuh to really make sure that he can wear it.ehehehe. so off-white/pearl color is the color for our baju. mata jadi juling sebab nak tengok color kain di bawah lampu merah sangat tak membantu maka mengajak orang yang jual itu pergi dekat tepi tingkap supaya dapat natural lighting. Argued with him on which color is the best and result is as stated above. Off- white/pearl.

Next mission: sejadah and songkok. besar jugak kepala sayang.ehehehe. adeke tanya nak beli size ape to me? How should I know when he's the one trying it.hihihih..gelak je la. Then cross the road to buy sejadah. Oh gosh...spend sometime here because he kept checking the designs on the sejadah..checking if there's any unwanted designs and etc...okla..saba je la. Benda2 ni kena la particular. So bile die dah satisfied baru la kami pegi makan. sebenar nye perut dah lame berbunyi tu yang tak bole nak concentrate on the shoppin.

Lunch was nasi padang. sedap. makan telur itik masak lemak cili padi. nyums~~~die makan ayam ape ntah. sedap jugak~~~ bile dah kenyang tak larat nak jalan. nasib la dah abis shoppin barang-barang yang important. i was ready to go home when he suddenly said.."baby..awal lagi la nak balik. Kite balik macam biase la." i dreaming???usually he's the one who wants to go back early but this time..terbalik he said let's go shopping some more.hah??!@?? shoppin lagi...aiyakkk...ikut je la.

we..ehem. I mean I got 2 new baju. Baby belanje. yippie...dah lame tak beli baju.suka2! Only after seeing that I was in a happy mood sebab dapat baju baru, then only baby ajak balik.eheh. On the way back, kiteorg bergadoh pasal warna kain balik. So we end up at my house to see the kain again. then die kata ok....but i don't really believe him when he said ok..i think he prefer the kain lining for my baju to be the other color but he's just keeping it to himself because dah beli.huhuhuhuhu.....sorryyyyy...

Thanks baby for spending your time with me. Thanks for the baju and lunch. :) All da best in your presentation at the forum tomorrow and hopefully can go for dinner together.hahaha..sempat gak nak suruh dinner sama2.

July 09, 2009

quote for today

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell.

Open up your eyes this morning and see what is around you. Appreciate everything that God have given or have in plan for you.

Seize the day with smile even though you're aching inside because that smile will be the most powerful smile of all.


July 07, 2009

Campur- campur

sunset in lumut

Last Saturday, I teman Ainul gi rumah baru die. Actually ade contractors nak datang pasang cabinet. Before going to her house, we stoped at Ikea and did some minor shopping.ehehe.just minor one. Then head for her house. It was nice!!! She has a front lawn!!!! Lepak at her house until evening then we headed for our late Pak Li's Kopitiam. This is what we ordered.

we even ordered extra drinks.ehehe...sebab gossip banyak sangat kot.

i got my kain. it's reallly prreetttyyyy. tak saba nak tgk bile dah anta jahit and siap as a baju.

miss Arina...lame tak jumpe die. :(

baby's coming back again this weekend. i wish him all the best in his presentation.