January 23, 2009

Let's Lend a Helping Hand - Nuffnang Supports Gaza Crisis Children’s Appeal 2009

Blogs can do wonders in spreading message around. So this time, why don't I post something that could actually help others. Who's knows that some readers out there can help those especially children in Gaza.

We've read, seen, heard it on TV, radio, internet and etc about the war in Gaza. Many were killed and many have lost everything in their life. We can still sleep peacefully at night while the people in Gaza are striving for survival. I am happy to know that Nuffnang is supporting UNICEF in this. So, my dear readers let's lend them a helping hand.

As many of you may already know, a war broke out not long ago in Gaza with heavy causalities to innocent civilians. Hearing this, most of us are glad that we’re living in a peaceful country with no conflicts. However, for those who are in Gaza, their lives will never be the same again.

The war has left thousands of children hurt, their tiny bodies wounded and their young lives shattered.

Children in Gaza are living under extremely stressful conditions that are likely to leave enduring psychological impacts on them. They have seen their family members get killed and their communities destroyed. They have been confined to their homes, without access to food, clean water and electricity and the violence has robbed them of a chance to go to school and the opportunity to play.

UNICEF has a permanent presence in Gaza and the West Bank and has been doing all that they can to assist children despite the dangerous and difficult conditions. They have provided children with urgent needs such as water, health and resuscitation kits, amongst many other assistance items.

With the recent declaration of a cease fire, UNICEF can now continue to channel emergency supplies into the Gaza Strip. They will also move as quickly as they can to repair and rebuild schools to get them up and running and are preparing to send in teams of counselors to help children deal with the trauma they are experiencing.

But UNICEF cannot do this alone.

They are appealing for our generous support to help the children in Gaza now

- RM50 can provide 3 families with water containers that can store 20 liters of water safely.
- RM300 can help provide 10 families in Gaza with Basic Family Water Kits ensuring children have clean water to eat, drink and bathe in.
- RM800 will purchase a school-in-the box kit to help 80 children continue with schooling.

If you wish to contribute to UNICEF for the Children of Gaza, you can find out more and the information on how to donate in this form.

Alternatively, use your blog to spread the word.

You can also read the original post by Robb at Nuffnang page, here.

If we can spend our $$$ for shoes, clothes, bags and etc, why not this time we do something nice for the children in Gaza. RM50 to help someone...that's a really good bargain peeps! Believe me, you will feel good!

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