January 29, 2009

lunch date

i'm gonna make a list of all the restaurant that i have tried in klcc. ade lagi yg blom try. right now rase cam bosan dah makan kat klcc. sape tau tempat makan lain yang best around the klcc area please share.

  1. secret recipe - just had lunch here. makan tom yum spaghetti. it was oily!!!and ija had singapore laksa, rase die cam kuah kacang.terlebey udang kering. jumpe aimi then arina joined.
  2. hoca - makan lunch ngan ija aritu. my drinks sedap sgt and ija nye roti sedap. i minum vanilla ape kebenda ntah name die.sedap sgt!!!!
  3. 1901 - a few times. ade 2 tempat, one is located opposite roti boy and another at the food court on level 2.mostly hot dogs la serve kat cni tp skang dah ade macam2.

alamak tetibe rasa malas nak continue.muahahahahhaa.....

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