January 12, 2009

a mix of everything

a mix of photos from the holiday trip in Kelantan , Cherating 2008 and 2nd Nite INN..

my bro and my cousin and nieces @ holiday villa

same as above plus adam...die merajuk time amik gmba kat atas tuh

my bros endulging on ice-cream 50 sen @ peng.kubor, kelantan

jumping photo of aifaa & me on the beach between holiday villa & legend.

aifaa & me on the beach, cherating

food during the 2nd nite INN @ aliza's place~~western

us waiting for food @ sri melaka, ou.


dYnA said...

girL! wEnT did yOu mEet aifAa? miSs hEr too LaAaa..bEst nyEr g hoLs. teLL mE aLL bOut iT Laa!

SaRaH said...

eheheh.it was unplanned actually. i called her to wish her bday then she told me about her family goin for holiday in cherating. then i pun kata tht i'm gonna go thr also...ehehhe..so we meet up thr la.wlpn x lama hang out, it was fun!!!bile lagi nak hang out together?