January 15, 2009

Surprise Mama!!

On jan 8th we did a surprise for mama on her birthday.

my bro n me were all on this and we were hoping that the lil one doesn't let the secret out. so no wishes during the day until in the evening. but the lil one got so excited as if it was his bday, he wished my mom happy bday in the morning and in front of me. i was like.. "AZIQ!!!!!!" in my heart. ishk budak buncit ini!!!ehehe..ok la biar la die wish just as long as he keeps his mouth shut about the cake surprise.

so around 4pm, my bro called me. it was raining heavily and he couldnt go buy the cake.OMG..there's goes the surprise. so like every 30 mins, i wld msg my bro and asked if the rain had stopped. i can only msg since i was already at my mom's office and in front of her. when suddenly my big bro called and asked..so what cake? which store..all i could say was kat belakang.ade kat belakang and hung up. then quickly smsed him to tell him.then my mom was asking..ape abg nak? die nak ape kat belakang tuh?arghhhh..mama ni...byk pulak soalan.eheheh.i just said ade la.am so not a good actress.

so bile smpi rumah everything was prepared. i quickly rushed in and see what's happening. we were kinda hoping my mom would enter the house 1st but my dad was 1st. so when he entered, and mama was at the back, die yg surprise.laaa....kaco la ayah ni.ehehe...so by the time my mom masuk, utk jaga hati kiteorg die buat muka surprise. she's not a good actress as well.ahaha.

so here's some pictures on mama's special day. happy birthday mama! we love you so much!

the bday cake

mama waiting to blow da candles

a gift from mama's friend~~tiramisu~nyum.

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