January 20, 2009

sushi date

after a few weeks of silence, ainul and i met for lunch. (it was last week but i got the pictures today).it's hard to see one another eventhough we are working in the same tower 2 of KLCC. so where is da lucky place we want splurge our money and tummy with this time? well, the winner is sakae sushi. i've been here once with my colleagues and i enjoyed it. so this time it's ainul's turn.

so in all the food they offered in the menu, ainul chose the kiddy meal set. she wants to feel like a child again.poor her.okla, i let her be a child this time. but she didn't act like one. she helped me out with my problems. it was sharing time.eheheh.sharing and eating could not go better than this..unless it was free than it would totally made my day.ehee.

edamame~~nyummy. taught ainul how to eat this. cewah..baru blaja gak camne nak makan nih. aliza yg ajar. ehehehe.

soft shell crab!! fabulous!!walla!!

me posing with my inari. and waiting for orders to arrive. sharing my heart with ainul.

ainul with the kiddy meal. actually dlm kapal terbang tuh ade lagi 2 sushi ultraman yg xde. we thot dieorg lupe. boy how wrong were we when they came and gave the 2 ultraman sushi and apologizing. lupe plak nak amik gmba sbb dah selamat dalam perut.

it was a delicious lunch. and it wasn't that expensive because we ordered a lot..inari, salmon skin, crabs, kiddy meal, drinks, ape lagi ntah. kiteorg siap tapau balik sbb x larat nak abis kan sushi2 tersebut. tu la..order ikut nafsu.ehehehe..
arini, we're heading to la cucur! i like da mee rebus but i don't think arini ade. so not sure nak mkn ape kat ctu.another 35 minutes to go down for lunch and see ainul. so where are you heading for lunch today?

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