February 25, 2009

all in one piccas

i spend most of my days with them....love them!

February 24, 2009


semalam ada satu kejadian yg telah berlaku kepada diriku ini.embrassing but i don't feel it because i was concentrating on how the incident happened.

well yesterday for da very first time, i went back with Ija. so we took a bus to meet her dad at the usual place. it wasn't my first time riding a bus though. on the bus, there was a seat available but i didn't feel like seating so i just stand with Ija. now, Ija is already a pro in riding rapid kl buses so she knows how things are. on the other hand i have no experience in standing in rapid kl buses.i usually take the metrobus or sj bus.

so there we were, standing n chatting as always when suddenly the bus did an emergency brake.i'm not sure what happened. all i can remember was that i was on my knee and Ija was looking at me with curiousity.."ape kena ko?" so i just replied "aku rase aku jatuh la" and started laughing and getting up again.then Ija said "haa..ko jatuh? patutla semua org tengok ko"..ehehhe...i can't stop laughing.i didn't care what the people said or think about me at that time because i wanted to know how in the world i fell down in the bus. and luckily Ija was in front of me..or else i might tergolek sampai ke depan bus itu..huhuhuhu..i got away with minor injuries. i scrape my left knee and i got bruises on my left thumb finger. i think i hit my thumb on the seat when i fell down.seriously i can't remember.

so today, my left arm and leg is a bit slow in progress. i have to rely on my right today.kena pi urut ni..lenguh sgt tangan dan kaki ku ini...

i will still ride buses and i will sit down if there's a seat available. hehehehe.

p/s: oscar banyak di menangi oleh slumdog millionaire..

February 23, 2009

beyonce halo

my favourite song at the moment

missing him..

February 19, 2009

money can buy happiness

what a title..most of you probably think that i'm a gold-digger because of the title up there.muahahah. and mind you..it's not nice to judge someone just by reading a title! ehehe. no no..i'm not a gold-digger. and some where we always hear this saying "money can't buy happiness". well that saying ain't true anymore baby!

it's just that this morning on my way to work, i heard about this on the radio.

apparently, according to some researchers, money can actually buy happiness. how??? happiness can be bought with money...by a simple eat-out with friends and families, watching movies, or go on a holiday. all these have sentimental value in it. it helps in creating wonderful memories or should i say in malay, kenangan yang terindah. cewah..macam tajuk lagu samsons plak dah.

at the same time, happiness can not be bought with money when it is related to...material things such as cars, handbags, shoes and etc. it doesn't create and impact to a person that much when it's compared to holiday or lepaking with friends and families.

so now, all of you out there, why not go out and treat your friends and families once in awhile. go for a holiday..away from the hectic life in the city or your surroundings.u can buy happiness people..don't say it's not possible now. it doesn't need to cost much..a simple teh tarik can do. =D
and to those yang di belanja...just accept it because that is what you call rezeki...tak elok tolak rezeki..and also don't forget to say thank you because the person who belanja you made you happy.

last but not least, always remember to say please and thank you. :D

February 16, 2009

Ode to MOMS

My colleague gave me this video..ehehe..

nothing actually

i just read my friend's blog. kesian nye die!!!! i dunno how or what i should do.
i feel like going to her and just give her a hug.bole je gi and kasi..tp kang die ckp i gile plak.muahaha...btol x? u know who u r. wink..wink.

girl..if u nk cite u can cite to me. i don't mind. u can cry all u want.mcm la aku x pnah tgk ko nangis...yg ko nak segan silu ngan aku watpe.ehe..fuz pun ade.i'm sure die pun x kesah. nak gi maple and nangis pun bole.nak gi potong rambut and nangis pun bole. jangan simpan..x elok for u la girl. and don't even try to hide it bcoz u r not good in keepin in a secret. fuz tgk trus leh tau..ehehe..aku maybe kena amik sometime dulu baru perasan.usually aku tau bile tgk muke ko..and dgr suara ko.eheheh..arina pun ade if ko nak luahkan.

and kiteorg kan ade bg u buku utk tulis..luahkan perasaan..tp ko wat bukuk tu utk gi meeting plak dah.ehehe..kena beli buku baru utk ko.nak x?

sy ni mcm tgh tulis surat kat awk plak..ehehe.hmm..td sy ade idea nak ckp ape tp skang dah lupe plak.aiyoo..haa...

jangan terlalu pikir things that doesn't really have impact on you..chill out a bit. enjoy life..aku nak ckp nama tajuk buku tuh tp kang mau ko campak kasut ko kat aku plak nnt.ehehehe..tp tu la kan..kadang2 aku rasa ko pk terlalu deep sgt smpi wat ko serabut and down.

cadangan aku is...let's go on a rollercoaster ride. u can scream all u want and i'll be on it also..just not next to you sbb takut pekak plak bile dah abis naik...muaahaha!!!!

ehehe...mari2.love you lots!!!remember...kiteorang ade besides you no matter how big ur problem is..

February 12, 2009

nak makan dim sum

selepas membaca and melihat gamba di blog panadol7e, saya teringin sangat nak gi makan dim sum. semua salah ko ruzai...ishk3x.

kemudian saya telah menghantar email kepada rakan2 ku and ajak dieorg makan. i'm not sure if dieorg makan dim sum or not...but i like...i love chinese food.uhu.i'm the weird one among my friends.kena makan nasi if x makan nanti pening2. sy sangat suka sushi. i still remember introducing it to fuz, ija, caah, enot mase gi ipoh nak bas uncle devan. kami berlima telah makan sushi.malang skali, fuz, caah, enot and ija tidak dapat menerima ngan baik...dah la xde air..i still remember ur faces gals.so damn FUNNY! i heart you gals. tp skang i think ija suka makan sushi.good for her. :)

well i also invite ainul along.ehehe..die ni belasah jerk.sume die makan..adventurous when it comes to food. and you should see how much she eats and still maintain body camtuh.jelesnye!!!

i invite my rumet also..arina. sbb i like to buli her.wakakakaka..die rumet yg besh.i think die bole je terima dim sum sbb die suke makan gak.sbb i ajak die.ehehehe..i am so kejam..forcing people to eat...

kawan2 mari la teman saya makan dim sum. saya tidak meminta banyak...ehehhe..join me makan sahaja.phuleaaassseeee.... wat puppy's eye...kelip2 ckit.



February 06, 2009

Who wants to go to Bandung?

Anyone interested?

duration: 4 days 3 night stay.
date: 30th april - 3rd may 2009.
price: RM1598 (includes food, lodging, air (KLM) & ground transportation, airport tax)

need more info? buzz me at my chat box or drop comment.