February 19, 2009

money can buy happiness

what a title..most of you probably think that i'm a gold-digger because of the title up there.muahahah. and mind you..it's not nice to judge someone just by reading a title! ehehe. no no..i'm not a gold-digger. and some where we always hear this saying "money can't buy happiness". well that saying ain't true anymore baby!

it's just that this morning on my way to work, i heard about this on the radio.

apparently, according to some researchers, money can actually buy happiness. how??? happiness can be bought with money...by a simple eat-out with friends and families, watching movies, or go on a holiday. all these have sentimental value in it. it helps in creating wonderful memories or should i say in malay, kenangan yang terindah. cewah..macam tajuk lagu samsons plak dah.

at the same time, happiness can not be bought with money when it is related to...material things such as cars, handbags, shoes and etc. it doesn't create and impact to a person that much when it's compared to holiday or lepaking with friends and families.

so now, all of you out there, why not go out and treat your friends and families once in awhile. go for a holiday..away from the hectic life in the city or your surroundings.u can buy happiness people..don't say it's not possible now. it doesn't need to cost much..a simple teh tarik can do. =D
and to those yang di belanja...just accept it because that is what you call rezeki...tak elok tolak rezeki..and also don't forget to say thank you because the person who belanja you made you happy.

last but not least, always remember to say please and thank you. :D


dYnA said...

yEs it'S tRuE! i'm tOtaLLy agReE!

DeJah saLLeh said...

hint hint... dua tangan ku tadahkan....:P