March 26, 2009

Air Sedap

Just tried this drink. Sedap gak. Green tea with lemon by Lipton.

Duta & Baizura- Cinta Antara Kita

i like this song. simple.

March 24, 2009

test n test

personality test:
The Lively Center of Attention==> tak btol ni..tsk..tsk..tsk..if btol pon takpe..bersyukur. =)

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not one to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

true age test: Sarah Aminuddin is really 15 years old ==> muahahahaha...this made my day =D

eh..this is fun. 2morrow do some more. wanna go back already.


March 23, 2009

congrats my dear friends

congrats to Fiena n Jieha! they're entering a whole new world. may both of them be blessed with happiness :)

Jieha & Danial (pics taken from Facebook and edited)

Fiena & Fauzan

who's next???

ready or not?

last monday, baby came down to kl. eventhou just for a short while, it's ok. at least i got to see him in person and listened to him as he babbles on and on. yup, it was the day when he's doin all the talking and i'm doin all the listening. he was here for his assessment. i wonder when the result will be out..i think he mentioned it to me but it didn't really registered in my head. not a good listener..tsk..tsk..tsk.

we had lunch. he wanted to try sakae sushi. so we had that for lunch. makan makan makan. actually time tuh dah lapa sangat. ye la. slalu lunch kul 12 or 1 tetapi aritu lunch kul 2. perut berbunyi-bunyi la. tengah makan, he was saying something that almost made to choke. but i managed to calmly swallowed my food, feeling the big piece of sushi travelling down my throat n got stuck somewhere in the middle and have to be washed down with some green tea. he was talking about it. ok. i don't know why, when we don't talked about it, i feel i'm ok with it, let's just go ahead with it and so on and so forth like i'm totally ready. but...when we talked about it, i feel like shouting "saya tak mo..aaaaaaaa!!". i'm totally scared and i feel like running away. geezz..macam budak2. huhuhu. i don't la. alahai kesian kat die. my fault. i shouldn't have done or say those things. so immature of me. and another thing, this time, when he was talking about it, he's so serious................that makes me feel more nervous and scared. i just nod my head up and down and blink millions of time.

can i just pretend to ignore and when it happens, just let it happens?i wonder if other people is having the same problem with me or it's just me? aaarrghhh..this is making pimples pop up on my face...huhuhu...

conclusion: i'm afraid. i don't know what i'm afraid of.

March 18, 2009

Baby sleeps better with Water..

Cute those yang dah ada anak leh la try..

March 17, 2009

old skool train

yesterday i went back with public transportation. since it's the school holidays and it was raining, the train was packed.

we waited until 6:45 to board the komuter from kl sentral to kepong. we were lucky because the next train arriving was the so called "shuttle train". only stopping at certain stations. Ija was telling me that the KTM now are using the old skool train for the daily normal komuter train. I only saw it coming from rawang to seremban but never thot that i would be riding on one yesterday. lucky experience. yippie.

i was kinda excited to get onto the train because it was different. it's old. even the door was a bit further than the normal komuter train. inside got seat numbers and overhead compartment to place lugage and etc. i feel like "balik kampung!"ooo...oooo...balik kampung..eheheh..the good thing was that i got a nice lil place that can fit the both of us in and we don't have to be squashed by others. the air condition was working and we didn't have to smell any unwanted odour.ehehhe..that's really good!!

since it's an old train, it needs to stop a few times. i like listening to the train. it was making some loose screws or something like that. know the kinda of sound you hear when you going up in a wooden was kinda scary when the train was on full speed because i was afraid that this old train was not that stable. but i was wrong. the train ride went smoothly. it just needs to stop once in awhile and needs to slow down long before it reaches the next stop.and everytime we were near a station, it would go "choo choo"..can you imagine??? cute.i feel like riding in Thomas the Tank Engine.ehehehhehe..

i don't mind goin on it again. just as long i can reach home safe and sound. Right Thomas??

March 13, 2009

Kent Gardens Elementary School

This is my school when i was in Grade 3 until Grade 6.

I can't believe that my teachers are still there when I checked on the websites. Miss them. Those 3 years were so fun. I don't think i ever felt stressed when i was in this school. Even when I'm sick and was sent off to the sick bay.

I remember that this school was filled with teddy bears. I love the library so much that i became a librarian. ehehhe..

this is one of my teachers..she taught ESL

and this used to be the house i lived in..

maybe i should have a post on all the schools that i've been in. :)

pictures were taken from:

March 12, 2009

why i arrived at the office late today???

  1. as usual got stuck @ Jalan Kepong. masa ni la nak korek2 buang air ke ape benda ntah.
  2. then got stuck @ Jalan Kuching. semua di sebabkan pembinaan lebuhraya DUKE itu...buat org pening je.
  3. naik bas then stuck @ Jalan Lebuh Ampang. ini di sebabkan polis trafik. i sometimes hate police traffic because they create more traffic.
  4. turun bas, kasut ku tersangkut kat tangga lalu terkopak tapak nye. maka ku perlu mengheret kaki ku untuk sampai ke office. dah la kena lintas Jalan Ampang. aduhai.
  5. batteri handphone abis..nasib sempat call akak di office untuk meminjam kasut nya.terima kasih kak yati.
  6. skang saya selamat di office. nasib tak kena delayed. muahahahaha.
i considered myself lucky today because i managed to get to the office JIT. should i tampal kasut or beli kasut baru? seeing that my pocket is running empty, i'll go for the tampal. maybe next month i'll buy a new one.

while on my way to work, i heard this on the radio and i would like to share with all of you.

bagaimana untuk menceriakan otak anda?
  • relax. jangan terlalu serious.
  • be content. jangan nak sangat.
  • just accept things the way they are. jangan banyak soal.

March 11, 2009

blog copycats

i can't believe there are people out there who would actually copy someone's blog post and post it as theirs..WTF!

i thought that plagiarize was common in studies..boy oh boy am i wrong. people plagiarize people's life. hillarious!!!what has gotten into this world.

i don't mind if you copy if it is an event, quiz or donation or just some news..but this is copying people's life. what are you trying to show? your cool or what? i just freaking don't understand!!! u write about urself in your own words la. if u think u r not good then just write je la. lantak la if ur tatabahasa serabut or spelling salah. just as long as you feel good and you managed to say what's in your heart and not someone else. agak nye..if orang tuh cerita pasal berak pon ko copy je la. aiyaaa...tak paham la.i just don't understand people who likes to plagiarize...

sorry i got emotional on this. and this is what i think.


makan pagi, check up and jpj

yay! i now have a full driving license. after driving so carefully and obeying every road rules, sign and etc i finally got my real full license without any letter "P".muahahahah...bajet pemandu berhemah la sangat. sile tanye Ija bagaimana pemanduan saya.ehehe.i feel that i am like any other driver on the road. not much different.eheh..and i think i drive ok or else my parents would say something. i like to shout in the car. if i have trouble getting from one end of a lane to another end of a lane (especially depan MARA) i would shout in the car, hoping that people would let me go through.ehehhee...some examples, "let me in let me in!!!!", "aaaaaa..bagi saya masuk la abang/kakak...tolong!!!" and sometimes just a simple "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" so far i managed to change lane just in time(mane tak ye..kluar dari MARA trus wat horizontal kat tengah2 jalan...)terer tol.muahahaha.

before i went to change to a new license, i was in MARA. waitin for my mom to clocked in and accompany me go to JPJ Pertama. and while i was there, i managed to get a quick and free health screening at the lobby area. "HARI GINJAL SEDUNIA...are your kidneys ok???"eheheh.. alhamdulillah everything is normal. my bmi is good or as the nurse said "bmi adik unggul." wah! UNGGUL tuh!! kagum2. then checked my blood pressure and it's normal. checked my urine..all perfect. and checked my blood..hmm..utk ape i pun can't remember. but they poked my finger to go a lil' drop of blood. u could also speak to a specialist there. i didn't go because mine was all ok. so if you are interested, just go to MARA building for the free check up. do some caring for your kidneys people. the event will be held there from today until tomorrow only. i advise you all to go there early in the morning to avoid the long queue.

lepas dah wat lesen and check up, pegi la makan breakfast kat restoran Hanifa. ramai tol orang kat situ. my mom asked me to try their tosai ape ke nama tosai's actually tosai with vege. so i ordered that..satu tosai rika very garing and teh-o limau ais. kenyang yg amat selepas makan sekeping tosai.sedap!!!bole la korang try nanti.

semua dah settle and perut pun dah kenyang, i headed for the office. naik bas..cepat je sampai sebab takde polis trafik jaga. so that's my story for today...morning.


March 10, 2009

cuti best

i like holidays. sape tak suke holiday?? ade sorang. i just read her blog. it's Ija. die tak suke holiday sebabnye die tatau nak watpe...ishk3x.ko ni..jangan la begitu. holiday ni best. sebab mase tu la nak tengok tv puas2 and tido puas2 and makan puas2.ehehehe..

last week we got extra holiday. well actually it was yesterday. sempena maulidur rasul. hope all you dapat berselawat banyak2. i pun kena remind baru nak buat.biase la manusia. mane leh lari dari membuat kesalahan n kesilapan. maaf zahir n batin.eee...skang dah bulan 3..x lame lagi nak puasa and then raya!!! kepada sesiapa yg belom abis ganti pose, sy cadangkan anda berbuat secepat mungkin.

ok..back to my activities.

saturday ==> went to kijal/ kerteh/ kemaman..tujuan nya adalah untuk menghadiri majlis pernikahan fiena...huhuhu...another friend of mine is a mrs. already. happy or sad? mix of both more likely. happy that she found someone and sad because she belongs to someone already.uwaaaa...went there with arina, ija, fuz, n pejal. thank you pejal for being da driver... (fuz tolong bgtau pejal ek.) hujan je sepanjang hari. ade lebat ade rintik-rintik. alhamdulillah we made it safely to and from. main activity was gossiping, eating, camwhoring, gossiping. OMG...byk gossip...ishk3x..very da tak keropok lekor yg best. nama die delima.

sunday ==> ate cucur for breakfast.sedap and i tried making garlic bread. test - test aje. my ayah said delicious!!clap, clap,clap for me. ehehe. all liked it so bole la masak lagi.then cooked lunch. aritu masak sayur perier (tak tau camne nak eja la...sayur yg pahit2 tuh), daging/hati/limpa black pepper. mama yang merinate it. hmm..ape lagi ek? x ingat dah. then after lunch, we headed to metro prima to watch geng. best woooo!!! sume perasaan ade, hepi, klaka, sedey, seram, takut..all in one la. tak rugi abiskan duit tengok muvi ni. even mama enjoyed it.ehehe..too bad ayah tak mau join.rugi!!!

monday ==> i had da sinus. uwaaa...kaco je. end up sleeping, sneezing and blowing my nose all day long. telan ubat sebiji..amik ko nyenyak smpi pagi td.ehehehhe..nasib dah ok so bole la gi keje ngan aman damai.

things i'm looking foward to :
  1. bringing someone to go threading
  2. vacation trip -- redang?
  3. see him
  4. another session of gossips???
someone's coming back.miss her so much!!!! can't wait. :)

March 03, 2009

shop till you drop

well in my case it's not shop till you's more...walk till you drop. yep perfect!

last sunday, went out with arina, my dear rumet. i still call her rumet (spelling dalam bahasa), eventhough she's not my rumet anymore. best nye sebab dapat naik kereta baru!! bau kilang pun ade lagi.ehehe.kiteorg kuar dalam kul 2..setelah kenyang makan lunch di rumah parent ku.
ade masalah ckit je ngan kereta baru die...tingkap tak boleh turun kan sebab baru tinted. so kena tunggu a few days dulu. so arina kena bukak pintu utk bayar tol and amik tiket parking. and she also faced the same problem that i have when you have to pay toll or etc..tangan tidak cukup panjang.muahahahahah...aku ingatkan aku sorang je yang ada masalah ini...aku tidak keseorangan anymore

kiteorg gi One Utama with no plan for what so ever. just nak kuar je. and sebab nak naik kete baru. we end up touring the whole O.U. nak tengok muvi, tiket malam cancel.jalan2 la kiteorg keliling O.U. masuk macam2 kedai. even kedai tilan pun kami masuk.ehehhe..pegi minum bubble tea and makan fries kat mcd. ape lagi kiteorg buat kat O.U ek? hmmm...jalan2 je la.huhuhu..kiteorg balik kul 8 lebih..

mak aii...lame nye. baru perasan lama tol kiteorg ade kat sane.huhuhuhu..padahal tak shopping pepepun.uhu. okla..ade sorang satu bag plastic..arina beli buku kain utk thaqif and i beli pyjama for aziq. itu saja. nasib la Ija tak ikut. if Ija ikut mau die mengamok. ehehehe...aritu ajak pun die dah cakap.."eh..tak mo la ikut korang...korang if kuar, jalan sampai kaki patah baru balik."

kesimpulan dari entry ni... orang gemini suka berjalan. wonder la ade tahi lalat kat my kaki..ehehe