March 11, 2009

blog copycats

i can't believe there are people out there who would actually copy someone's blog post and post it as theirs..WTF!

i thought that plagiarize was common in studies..boy oh boy am i wrong. people plagiarize people's life. hillarious!!!what has gotten into this world.

i don't mind if you copy if it is an event, quiz or donation or just some news..but this is copying people's life. what are you trying to show? your cool or what? i just freaking don't understand!!! u write about urself in your own words la. if u think u r not good then just write je la. lantak la if ur tatabahasa serabut or spelling salah. just as long as you feel good and you managed to say what's in your heart and not someone else. agak nye..if orang tuh cerita pasal berak pon ko copy je la. aiyaaa...tak paham la.i just don't understand people who likes to plagiarize...

sorry i got emotional on this. and this is what i think.



dYnA said...

ade oRg coPy yOur bLog kE babE?
teLL mE whO! :)

SaRaH said...

xde org copy my blog. i kesian kat org yg kena tuh.die copy sebijik2.