March 13, 2009

Kent Gardens Elementary School

This is my school when i was in Grade 3 until Grade 6.

I can't believe that my teachers are still there when I checked on the websites. Miss them. Those 3 years were so fun. I don't think i ever felt stressed when i was in this school. Even when I'm sick and was sent off to the sick bay.

I remember that this school was filled with teddy bears. I love the library so much that i became a librarian. ehehhe..

this is one of my teachers..she taught ESL

and this used to be the house i lived in..

maybe i should have a post on all the schools that i've been in. :)

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PanAdoL7e said...

bukan kita sama sekolah ker? lupa lah aku pernah sekolah di situ.. wakakakakaka

SaRaH said...

aah yela tuh. satu sekolah. ko je yg x igt.ehehe.