March 11, 2009

makan pagi, check up and jpj

yay! i now have a full driving license. after driving so carefully and obeying every road rules, sign and etc i finally got my real full license without any letter "P".muahahahah...bajet pemandu berhemah la sangat. sile tanye Ija bagaimana pemanduan saya.ehehe.i feel that i am like any other driver on the road. not much different.eheh..and i think i drive ok or else my parents would say something. i like to shout in the car. if i have trouble getting from one end of a lane to another end of a lane (especially depan MARA) i would shout in the car, hoping that people would let me go through.ehehhee...some examples, "let me in let me in!!!!", "aaaaaa..bagi saya masuk la abang/kakak...tolong!!!" and sometimes just a simple "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" so far i managed to change lane just in time(mane tak ye..kluar dari MARA trus wat horizontal kat tengah2 jalan...)terer tol.muahahaha.

before i went to change to a new license, i was in MARA. waitin for my mom to clocked in and accompany me go to JPJ Pertama. and while i was there, i managed to get a quick and free health screening at the lobby area. "HARI GINJAL SEDUNIA...are your kidneys ok???"eheheh.. alhamdulillah everything is normal. my bmi is good or as the nurse said "bmi adik unggul." wah! UNGGUL tuh!! kagum2. then checked my blood pressure and it's normal. checked my urine..all perfect. and checked my blood..hmm..utk ape i pun can't remember. but they poked my finger to go a lil' drop of blood. u could also speak to a specialist there. i didn't go because mine was all ok. so if you are interested, just go to MARA building for the free check up. do some caring for your kidneys people. the event will be held there from today until tomorrow only. i advise you all to go there early in the morning to avoid the long queue.

lepas dah wat lesen and check up, pegi la makan breakfast kat restoran Hanifa. ramai tol orang kat situ. my mom asked me to try their tosai ape ke nama tosai's actually tosai with vege. so i ordered that..satu tosai rika very garing and teh-o limau ais. kenyang yg amat selepas makan sekeping tosai.sedap!!!bole la korang try nanti.

semua dah settle and perut pun dah kenyang, i headed for the office. naik bas..cepat je sampai sebab takde polis trafik jaga. so that's my story for today...morning.


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