March 17, 2009

old skool train

yesterday i went back with public transportation. since it's the school holidays and it was raining, the train was packed.

we waited until 6:45 to board the komuter from kl sentral to kepong. we were lucky because the next train arriving was the so called "shuttle train". only stopping at certain stations. Ija was telling me that the KTM now are using the old skool train for the daily normal komuter train. I only saw it coming from rawang to seremban but never thot that i would be riding on one yesterday. lucky experience. yippie.

i was kinda excited to get onto the train because it was different. it's old. even the door was a bit further than the normal komuter train. inside got seat numbers and overhead compartment to place lugage and etc. i feel like "balik kampung!"ooo...oooo...balik kampung..eheheh..the good thing was that i got a nice lil place that can fit the both of us in and we don't have to be squashed by others. the air condition was working and we didn't have to smell any unwanted odour.ehehhe..that's really good!!

since it's an old train, it needs to stop a few times. i like listening to the train. it was making some loose screws or something like that. know the kinda of sound you hear when you going up in a wooden was kinda scary when the train was on full speed because i was afraid that this old train was not that stable. but i was wrong. the train ride went smoothly. it just needs to stop once in awhile and needs to slow down long before it reaches the next stop.and everytime we were near a station, it would go "choo choo"..can you imagine??? cute.i feel like riding in Thomas the Tank Engine.ehehehhehe..

i don't mind goin on it again. just as long i can reach home safe and sound. Right Thomas??

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