April 29, 2009

oh jodoh!!?!??

i found this article from 3R website...just to fill in free time.

Anda berusia 20-an? Sering ke majlis perkahwinan? Selalu dengar soalan-soalan ini?

“Yang ni bila lagi?”......please read more here.


HepY BiRthDay BaBy!!!! baby panda nak makan cake...nyummmyyyy~~

April 27, 2009

semua house wiken dan lain-lain

i spend my weekend @ semua house. why???
~ my aunt and mama got so excited so have to bring them there. kaki lenguh sangat2 malam itu.

how much i spend??
~ because of 'i have no mood to argue and let's just follow their ideas'...a lot gak abis. don't want to mention here.

what did i buy???
~ everything needed to make the things. plus got the .... for the ...... but not for the ....... i have to order it so won't be getting it like 3-5 weeks.

what else do i need???
~ $$$$$$$$$$..ehehhe..lots of them. and i need to go for a shopping spree with baby. need you to be there so that everything fits u. i'm not sure what size u r right now..ehehe..perut dah buncit.muahahahahaha.it's ok baby...eventhough ur perut buncit..i still love you. :)

where am i goin for hols and with whom??
~ pulau lang tengah..of course with ija n arina.who else??tinggal nak bayar je..

what is in my mind right now??
~ nak buka puasa ape arini???ehehehhe.. and bila nak turun and pegi bayar holiday ni???

~ i need to hang out with my bffs. and i miss him.cepat balik ya...

p/s: did i mention i got the kain for the baju already? tinggal nak gi jahit je. nnt nak anta kat mrs.may. according to mama, she's good eventhough she's old already and it might be a bit costly but i don't mind. i don't want to hantar my kain yg i spend like $#%$^ and end up tak cantik.

April 21, 2009

just clouds

i was so bored in the car yesterday so i took some pictures of the clouds from my handy dandy handphone camera. se770i.

April 20, 2009

new furniture


finally got a new set of furniture for my room!!! yippie. but haven't arrived yet.

i feel so happy. i hope it will turn-out like what i've designed. so i got myself a new bed, dressing table and chest drawers of 4. my old furniture will be recycled. we will paint it and use it somewhere else in the house. so now i have to wait for a month for it to be done. hope sgt2 that it will be as what i have in mind. it took me a long time to explained it to the seller.

and i'm so glad that my mom was there because she's good at bargaining and we end up in getting a good bargain!!! even baby said so. so much less than what i've budgeted. so all the furniture would be full teak wood or in jati. so that it would match my existing built-in wardrobe.

i can't wait for it to arrive!!!!

one down lots more to go.ehehehhe. next in list???? baju oh baju.

April 16, 2009

lay offs and ?

rumors about lay offs have been going around for the past few days.. sighs~~~~
bosses are in and reports are going in and out.
this is making me really nervous.
after one another. God is really testing me this time. I have to be strong.

if something happens...then i WILL postpone all my plans for this year. no matter what people say!!

ok..another thing on my mind...

it bugs me when there's people who wants sumthing really bad but doesn't want to work or sacrifice for it. you didn't even have any plans?????? what were you thinking???? oh gosh..i WISH i could tell it straight to your face. i'm tired of hearing you saying, "don't worry".puhllleaaasseee.....

April 13, 2009

weekdays, weekend and future

my week was great. why? because baby is here. eheheh.. but we only met twice. he's busy and i was busy. got slumber party at Aliza's house. this time we all tried different style of wearing tudung or hijab. actually gettin Shikin to be familiar with it. she looks nice in tudung.

went to arzu on friday and bought 2 tudung..it's the wrap around kinda tudung..kain die like shirt type. i just put on head and only 1 pin is required to hold it in place. nice! i bought 1 in maroon/purple and gray color. i oso bought a ring. well i want to spend my money on something nice...thanks Ija for teman and help me choose the ring. everyone said it's nice. i feel so good on friday. alhamdulillah.

my weekend was more focused on planning my future. ehehe. i'm glad the discussion went on well eventhough it took some time to get to the main agenda. both parties agreed and i do so hope that everything will be ok. so now i will need to keep track and control where i spend my money. i'm happy and scared at the same time. mix emotions now. told my dad already and he's fine with it. i was scared to tell him of what happened. glad it was ok.

so now...future. what's gonna happen? just try to live it to the best and pray for the best.

April 07, 2009

Back in Kuala Lumpur

Bloggin from KL.

After came back from Miri, straight away got training. so really got no time to update my blog. after coming back to kl i feel tired because now i have to face the traffic jam.

Anyway i went shopping while i was in Miri + Labuan. Eventhough it was only for a few hours in Labuan, i still manage to do some shopping. Basically, i bought some ikan terbok masin for mama n makngah. Then lots of chocs in Labuan. Plus, i bought some ikan bilis and udang kering that my makngah and mama pesan. What really makes me happy was that i FINALLY got my tierack scarf and i got it CHEAP!!! Yayness!! happy me...after receiving the sad news from my mom's friend saying that tierack in london have no stock because of the sale. now, there's always a good thing happening after a bad thing. so next time, making a note to myself, bersyukur dengan ape yg telah diberi olehNya. there's always a light behind the darkness. :)

usual activity in Labuan was to eat at Anjung Ketam, gerai no.3.the best!what shocked me most was that the squid was more expensive than the crabs?!!!??can you believe that??if it was here, Klang or Bagan Lalang, crabs is the most expensive of all.So the menu for dinner was Fried Baby Kailan, Sweet & Sour fish (ikan putih..1st time i heard that kind of fish), Fried Calamari, and Buttermilk Crabs. Kenyang alhamdulillah that night. then Baby got called off to work asap, so i had to follow him to go to the plant. i waited in the car and sang my heart off to kill the boredom. :) luckily it didn't rain.

so here are some overdue and not overdue pictures. overdue - i've been longin to upload but it took a long time and hopefully this time it works.

Baby's office

Baby tgh khusyuk reply his boss

kereta rosak masa balik office - ija n mama - tq pakcik yg tolong tolak kereta ke tepi

fruits being washed

coach wringlet from aliza - tq aliza!

still ada bas mini kat labuan ya..

my tierack scarves!!

ikan fresh dari laut

the famous pasar babi..mind you, this pasar dah tutup, dang! baru je ingat nak tengok camne..

nelayan baru balik - membawa pulang hasil tangkapan

April 01, 2009

full house

bloggin from miri.

i'm so tired today.never felt so tired after giving training. not sure why..maybe last time got some very helpful helper but now am all alone. and to handle 10 people at once...it's tiring! just imagine all the teachers who have to handle like 43 students in a class. i think i was like a crazy girl going left and right, up and down the room.

gosh i wish it was friday!!!! so tired......and i eat a lot here. muahahahaha.oh..i just remember maybe i'm tired because not enough water. this time because of cost cutting and recession and all, no mineral water. only got tea and coffee for the break.luckily, some of the staff there were so nice to buy us some food. or else i think the class would be totally dead...eheheh.so tomorrow I"M BRINGING MY OWN MINERAL WATER!

today after class, my office mate, his wife and baby, took me to pasar tamu. this is where you can get all the dry stuff like ikan bilis, ikan terbok masin, and etc. so i bought some ikan terbok masin because my office mate was saying..u should buy this..this is what people would bring back to semenanjung. then i also bought black pepper, grind and whole ones. we also stopped at the fish market because they wanted to buy some prawns. miri people eat a lot of stuff. one stall sold shark. shark ok. then there was this weird fish called "luming". there was also puffer fish. but that one is for display and preserved.ehehehe. so weird looking when it's preserved. i like it alive. :)

i hope all goes well for the rest of the training. baca doa banyak-banyak.