April 01, 2009

full house

bloggin from miri.

i'm so tired today.never felt so tired after giving training. not sure why..maybe last time got some very helpful helper but now am all alone. and to handle 10 people at once...it's tiring! just imagine all the teachers who have to handle like 43 students in a class. i think i was like a crazy girl going left and right, up and down the room.

gosh i wish it was friday!!!! so tired......and i eat a lot here. muahahahaha.oh..i just remember maybe i'm tired because not enough water. this time because of cost cutting and recession and all, no mineral water. only got tea and coffee for the break.luckily, some of the staff there were so nice to buy us some food. or else i think the class would be totally dead...eheheh.so tomorrow I"M BRINGING MY OWN MINERAL WATER!

today after class, my office mate, his wife and baby, took me to pasar tamu. this is where you can get all the dry stuff like ikan bilis, ikan terbok masin, and etc. so i bought some ikan terbok masin because my office mate was saying..u should buy this..this is what people would bring back to semenanjung. then i also bought black pepper, grind and whole ones. we also stopped at the fish market because they wanted to buy some prawns. miri people eat a lot of stuff. one stall sold shark. shark ok. then there was this weird fish called "luming". there was also puffer fish. but that one is for display and preserved.ehehehe. so weird looking when it's preserved. i like it alive. :)

i hope all goes well for the rest of the training. baca doa banyak-banyak.

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Scribbles said...

yay, u made thru d 1st day =D

usually the 1st day drains u out but next few days u start to enjoy the lessons. i actually lost my voice before after d 1st day.

so take it easy n have a good time. plus yr dinners probably make u one happy person!