April 20, 2009

new furniture


finally got a new set of furniture for my room!!! yippie. but haven't arrived yet.

i feel so happy. i hope it will turn-out like what i've designed. so i got myself a new bed, dressing table and chest drawers of 4. my old furniture will be recycled. we will paint it and use it somewhere else in the house. so now i have to wait for a month for it to be done. hope sgt2 that it will be as what i have in mind. it took me a long time to explained it to the seller.

and i'm so glad that my mom was there because she's good at bargaining and we end up in getting a good bargain!!! even baby said so. so much less than what i've budgeted. so all the furniture would be full teak wood or in jati. so that it would match my existing built-in wardrobe.

i can't wait for it to arrive!!!!

one down lots more to go.ehehehhe. next in list???? baju oh baju.

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