April 27, 2009

semua house wiken dan lain-lain

i spend my weekend @ semua house. why???
~ my aunt and mama got so excited so have to bring them there. kaki lenguh sangat2 malam itu.

how much i spend??
~ because of 'i have no mood to argue and let's just follow their ideas'...a lot gak abis. don't want to mention here.

what did i buy???
~ everything needed to make the things. plus got the .... for the ...... but not for the ....... i have to order it so won't be getting it like 3-5 weeks.

what else do i need???
~ $$$$$$$$$$..ehehhe..lots of them. and i need to go for a shopping spree with baby. need you to be there so that everything fits u. i'm not sure what size u r right now..ehehe..perut dah buncit.muahahahahaha.it's ok baby...eventhough ur perut buncit..i still love you. :)

where am i goin for hols and with whom??
~ pulau lang tengah..of course with ija n arina.who else??tinggal nak bayar je..

what is in my mind right now??
~ nak buka puasa ape arini???ehehehhe.. and bila nak turun and pegi bayar holiday ni???

~ i need to hang out with my bffs. and i miss him.cepat balik ya...

p/s: did i mention i got the kain for the baju already? tinggal nak gi jahit je. nnt nak anta kat mrs.may. according to mama, she's good eventhough she's old already and it might be a bit costly but i don't mind. i don't want to hantar my kain yg i spend like $#%$^ and end up tak cantik.

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