April 13, 2009

weekdays, weekend and future

my week was great. why? because baby is here. eheheh.. but we only met twice. he's busy and i was busy. got slumber party at Aliza's house. this time we all tried different style of wearing tudung or hijab. actually gettin Shikin to be familiar with it. she looks nice in tudung.

went to arzu on friday and bought 2 tudung..it's the wrap around kinda tudung..kain die like shirt type. i just put on head and only 1 pin is required to hold it in place. nice! i bought 1 in maroon/purple and gray color. i oso bought a ring. well i want to spend my money on something nice...thanks Ija for teman and help me choose the ring. everyone said it's nice. i feel so good on friday. alhamdulillah.

my weekend was more focused on planning my future. ehehe. i'm glad the discussion went on well eventhough it took some time to get to the main agenda. both parties agreed and i do so hope that everything will be ok. so now i will need to keep track and control where i spend my money. i'm happy and scared at the same time. mix emotions now. told my dad already and he's fine with it. i was scared to tell him of what happened. glad it was ok.

so now...future. what's gonna happen? just try to live it to the best and pray for the best.

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