May 28, 2009

congrats to Shikin

Congrats Shikin. Congrats Joe. Now you are Pn. Nurul Farashikin. ehehehhe...

May 21, 2009

Kris Wins!'s da winner of American Idol 2009..with a world record of more than 100 million votes.

May 20, 2009

American Idol

who will become the next American Idol?????

i wish it was Danny...huhuhu..

if based on performance wise...through out the season..i guess it would be Adam. but i'm personally getting bored with his voice..i know he will pull a high-pitch note.eheheh.

and as for Kris..he has good voice but he doesn't really 'POP' out...nothing special about him. ape slalu org ckp...takde X factor.

eheheheh...pandai2 je aku complain.

BUT i really wish that Danny was in the final...well..too bad.

just wait and see who will come out with the 1st album and who will last in this industry :)

May 19, 2009

back to reality

hey there...i'm back from my holiday with my 2 bestfriends, Ija and Arina.

it was super-dee-dupper holiday!!!!!!!!

i think i left something back at the Lang Tengah island....oh i wish i was back there again with the clear blue water, the very friendly hotel staff, the glazing sun, the cool breeze in my tudung..ahahah..xleh nk letak hair sbb pki tudung....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....miss the island....oh pulau lang tengah...


ok...i'm back again..nak upload pictures but it's in another laptop. maybe tomorrow if i have time. cewah...macam la busy sangat kat opis... !<--sudah di update bersama gamba. -->!

so... i think this is goin to be a long post.

DAY 1: 13th May 2009

Left for KT around 9am. Arina picked us up and stopped for breakfast at Genting Sempah. after makan2, we continued our journey to east coast. melalak dalam kereta and tido was the main activity in the car except for Arina because she's driving...she can only melalak sahaja. we stopped for lunch at Kerteh. Makan kat Restoran Bangkok. my rating for this place...negative. the food...haiyaa...terlebih minyak, sos tiram, ajinamoto. Air die plak, terlebih gula and terlebih limau...lepas tuh....makcik yg sgt unfriendly...i even have a nickname for her... makcik RM6. sebab mase nak bayar, saya x sempat nk ckp ape sy makan, die trus ckp RM6...semua- semua RM6 sorang. TERUK kan????
@ Restoran Bangkok

so ok enough about that place. we continued our journey. next stop...PASAR PAYANG. yes went there to find kain sampin for baby. nasib beli gak sbb if x beli mau Ija mengamok.ehehehhe. then after shopping, we headed to Arina's Aunt's House. Dpt jumpe Weena yg amat la comel. gigi penuh and cantik. bibir sexy. mata bulat. pipi tembam!! baru 2 tahun dah bole ckp indon, terengganu and kelatan.eheheheh..COMEL!!!! mlm tido la...

DAY 2: 14th MAY 2009

Breakfast with nasi dagang. Sedap! then we headed out to Merang jetty for our boat.
@ Merang Jetty

Semua telah menelan ubat mabuk. akibat semua tengah high...mase kat jetty tuh, ade orang bertanya..."dik nak gi mane?"...we all yg tgh high ni "nak gi Lang Tengah"...the guy asked again, "nak gi kampung mane?"...dlm hati masing..."kampung ape benda nye?????"....semua dah naik angin and muke sombong tahap gaban sbb malas nak layan thanks to the ubat yg kami makan naik la kami ke atas bot. ade 2 bot mase tuh..we all naik yg laju. 30 min dah smpi Lang Tengah. FYI, Lang Tengah is a relatively small island compared to Redang or Perhentian. It's located between Redang and Perhentian. There are no vehicles on this island. and there are only 4 resorts here...1 is closed for renovation. when we arrived....the only word came out from our mouth was CANTIK NYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clear water...white sand....and the resort!!! OMG!!! DCoconut Lagoon...what ever you see on the internet is what you get.
@ DCoconut Lagoon - baru turun dari boat

so dah amik kunci, kami pun trus ke bilik...1st thing masuk bilik...the question came out from the 3 of us..."eh...takde TV???" TV. all the rooms here do not have TV because the resort wants us to live the way you should when you are in an island.
us jalan-jalan tengok alam

the pool at east wing

then we had lunch. food was great eventhough not much choice..but it's complete...appetizer, main meals, dessert.
my lunch

around 3.30, we headed for our very 1st trip of snorkelling. testing pki equipment kat bilik...gelak sampai semput.

1st snorkelling stop - Teluk Nibong - known for a place where sharks are. we got 1-to-1 session with the instructor, Eddie and Ben. So here, we got to see a lot of parrot fish, gamat, ikan todak and etc....we even got to hold Nemo...Comel!!!

2nd snorkelling stop - Batu Kucing - ombak kuat ckit kat cni. coral sgt cantik kat cni....ikan besar2....

balik snorkelling, rest kejap, then dinner.
the water- view from the restaurant

lepas dinner, we all just hang out in the room, urut2 kpala utk kluar kan angin yg sgt byk akibat makan nasi dagang pagi tu and main bingo, teka2 lagu and filem utk menghilangkan kebosanan. then trus terlelap.....zzzzzzzzzzzz.

DAY 3: 15th MAY 2009

woke up early to catch the sunrise...
my 2 best buddies and ikan bilis swimming

can you see the ikan bilis??

had breakfast...then suddenly it rained. a slight rain. so we end up waiting and just hang out at the restaurant.
my breakfast

we even had 2nd trip of breakfast.
the resort

after the rain stopped, we went to Redang Lang Resort. this is the only place that has a souvenior shop. now to get there, we need to jungle trekking. ehehehe...we did jungle trekking with our slippers. :) with the nice map from the reception, we headed to Redang Lang.
on the way to Redang Lang- jungle trekking starts

when we arrived there, we bought a few stuff and then camwhoring a bit and went back to our DCoconut. then changed into our swimming attire and hang out at the pool. the pool was deep so end up up playing at the sides only and hanging our dear life at the edge of the pool. we got tired of the pool and end up in the clear, blue, ocean. Arina n I did some snorkelling while Ija mandi laut. Arina got a kayaking lesson from Eddie. i was back in the room taking my bath....then it was lunch time. makan2 sampai kenyang. then Ija went back to the room to take a nap while Arina n I lepak kat bawah pokok daun besar.
pokok daun besar

divers getting ready to dive!

tengah2 lepak, mr. dive master @ Don, asked us if we want to join them diving..of course we didn't go for diving but we went snorkelling. we woke Ija up and tell her to dress up and go snorkelling. :) free snorkelling!!

Batu Bulan - the ombak was ok. not so kuat. here, the coral was nicer. Ija n I went with Eddie, while Arina went with Ben. Ija n I got to see baby reef shark. cepat je die lari. it's like now you see, now you don't. ehehehhe.. Ija tertelan air masin yang agak byk so she went up...she did muntah..konon nye nak sorok but i saw the whole thing. when she muntah dalam laut, all the fishes went up and had a bit of her food for the fishes.oooo..kat cni Arina dapat tgk baby penyu...ehehe...comel. then kami pun pulang setelah orang yg diving kembali ke surface.

dah balik...kiteorg went to our offical snorkelling plak. kali ni Ija x ikut sbb die x sihat so she send us off.ehehehe..

1st snorkelling stop - Blue Coral - as the name is, here got blue corals. here, we fed the fishes so we were swimming with them all around. we also managed to see a white shark. BESAR!!!!! it was swimming below at a very fast speed. :)

2nd snorkelling stop - Teluk Nibong - we only lepak in the boat coz we were tired. Arina got a free swimming lesson with Eddie. yes she swam without life proud of her.

then pulang. Ija was waiting for us to get ready for dinner.
tunggu dinner


my last dinner

ape ni???main lawan mata kah?

after dinner, the plan was to go see penyu but it was already late so we just hang out with Eddie, Ben, Billy, Tam at the poolside....and guess what...Tam was the guy that asked us when we arrived at the Jetty...yang tanye soklan "nak gi kampung mane."ehehehhe...we all laughed and he said..."ahahaha..sombong gile time tuh...".we didn't tell him that we were they were surprise to find out that we went to Redang Lang all by ourselves. they said no guests have done that before...and we were all girls..ahahahhaa....this is funny.we became the popular guests just bcoz of this. we doze off at 12-ish...
pool side at nite

DAY 4: 16th MAY 2009

got up early to pack up our things. we were sad because Eddie n geng didn't send us off. But Rizal was there. Adik yg baik. seday je bile die bye2.
another resort on the island

this time we rode on a slower boat. it took us like 1 hour to arrive at Merang jetty.
some of the bags

on the island...

nice blue water

on the boat

then pegi beli keropok and continued our journey to Perak. we stopped for lunch at Mesra Mall. and then stopped for dinner at Bukit Gantang. Nasi lemak bungkus yg sedap!!!!!...Arina was totally cool. she drove all along. kagum gile! we overnite at Ija's kampung...Taiping. sejuk sgt!!!! tido sangat best sampai ade org tuh berdengkur2.ahahahhaa...

DAY 5: 17th MAY 2009

bangun pagi sebab ayam and angsa dah bunyi2. nak mandi tp takut sbb air sejuk so makan breakfast dulu. then gosok2 baju then baru mandi. next stop is Parit Buntar. Wedding Liana, opismate Arina. since dah tersalah bajet time, we end up stopping at Bukit Merah. Something happened to me but it's a secret.ehehhe..then amik gmba, posing maut. bile dah penat gi Fish Spa RM10 for 15 mins...we did more than 15 mins maybe sbb takde org kot. kesian arina menahan geli smpi gelak menangis2.klaka je. Ija was the most relaxed one. I can not tahan if the fish gigit kat bawah my toes.Geli sangat!!!!
bite me!

@ bukit merah

ija n me

arina tengah tanya jalan untuk ke wedding

then dah puas kena gigit, we all headed for the wedding. sesat kejap sampai masuk sawah sume tuh then baru jumpe rumah pengantin. after gi wedding, singgah rumah Makcik Ija. lepak and tukar baju before pulang ke KL.

we stopped by UTP on the way back...let the picture do the talking.

ufo - irc - chansellor hall - 2 ladies

shh....we're in da library

sesat dalam UTP

yay! jumpe sudah bangunan ini

shadow of the past

we LOVE taking pix at the stairs

@ the 'park' inside UTP

macam ber'picnic' je

memikir masa depan

smile!! ur on side mirror!

nice eh...mcm kat oversea ckit.

singgah beli buah-buahan then dinner kat ulu bernam. we arrived around 9-ish...kepenatan. thanks to Arina for being the driver...i can't imagine she drove all along this trip.


May 11, 2009

2 more days..


another 2 more days and i'm off to lang tengah island.

happy2. haven't pack my things yet.oh dear...i've deleted the list.huhu...ija or arina can you pls be an angel and send me back the list.ehehhe...

last friday, it was a holiday. and i had a blast in the sun. ija, fuz and i went to metropolitan park and did some photo session together. lame x hang out with them and i felt so great! lompat sana..lompat sini..ija nye cybershot was so good. i like her camera because all my picture look nice in it. i dunno why...ehehehe..

cepat la masa berlalu..i just want to lay in the sand and just chill.........

wiken was fun oso. celebrate bday adam. a 5 yr old boy who loves to do hip-hop, shuffle and etc. i feel like entering him in tom tom bak je.but the parent tak kasi...i think i have a new fomula in my life..

weeekend = eat

yup...i ate a lot. blame my cousin and my parent for preparing such delicious and mouth- watering meals. even breakfast was delicious!!!! i keep reminding myself to control but i can't resist seeing those meals prepared and looks very colorful and etc...yayaya..ok...i need to say this so that i won't be in denial.. i LOVE to eat. my new hobby. ahahahahah.

owh...i send my kain to the tailor already. i hope it turns out nice. and i'm still waiting for my furniture to arrive. my mom said my bed will be arriving this week but i won't be around..sob sob sob. it's ok...i'm gonna ask my mom to mms me the pictures. i do hope there's line in lang tengah island.

ok gotta get back to reality and face another 2 days...2 DAYS!!!