May 11, 2009

2 more days..


another 2 more days and i'm off to lang tengah island.

happy2. haven't pack my things yet.oh dear...i've deleted the list.huhu...ija or arina can you pls be an angel and send me back the list.ehehhe...

last friday, it was a holiday. and i had a blast in the sun. ija, fuz and i went to metropolitan park and did some photo session together. lame x hang out with them and i felt so great! lompat sana..lompat sini..ija nye cybershot was so good. i like her camera because all my picture look nice in it. i dunno why...ehehehe..

cepat la masa berlalu..i just want to lay in the sand and just chill.........

wiken was fun oso. celebrate bday adam. a 5 yr old boy who loves to do hip-hop, shuffle and etc. i feel like entering him in tom tom bak je.but the parent tak kasi...i think i have a new fomula in my life..

weeekend = eat

yup...i ate a lot. blame my cousin and my parent for preparing such delicious and mouth- watering meals. even breakfast was delicious!!!! i keep reminding myself to control but i can't resist seeing those meals prepared and looks very colorful and etc...yayaya..ok...i need to say this so that i won't be in denial.. i LOVE to eat. my new hobby. ahahahahah.

owh...i send my kain to the tailor already. i hope it turns out nice. and i'm still waiting for my furniture to arrive. my mom said my bed will be arriving this week but i won't be around..sob sob sob. it's ok...i'm gonna ask my mom to mms me the pictures. i do hope there's line in lang tengah island.

ok gotta get back to reality and face another 2 days...2 DAYS!!!


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