June 28, 2009


bloggin from Lumut this time around.

i'm sending off my bro to further his education. i'm so glad he's still into learning. i was a bit worried about him at first. i really hope he likes it there.

yesterday went to see Transformer with no other than baby. lucky we only missed a few bits. i was kinda angry with him for being late. anyway thanks baby for spending time with me.wish could spend more time with him. he's off to Kerteh today. he got a week of training. hope could meet him before he goes back to Labuan. boo..we still need to go shopping.eheheh.

someone sms-ed me from India. "DAH BELI" yippie!!! hope it's nice. i can't wait to see it. i do hope she's gonna post something in her blog. just want to know what she's up too.maybe she's busy.

ok..getting sleepy already. gudbyte peeps! sweet dreams~~~

psst...yay cuti 2 hari!!! =D

June 26, 2009


i'm blog-hopping today and it seems that now people are blogging about weddings.
yeah most of my friends are getting or even married already. happy for them. the more i read these blogs the more confused and stressed. ahahahha...when it comes to wedding, be prepared to be stressed. a lot of think you have to plan and the most important thing is $$$$$$$..ka-ching!! nothing is free in this world. what's the suitable budget for a wedding? some people can go all-out for the wedding and some so-so. i wonder how's mine gonna be like? the most important thing is that after the wedding i do not want to surrounded by debts. praying hard for this. i wish i was rich. HA HA HA. then money would be the last thing on my mind.

every girl dreams of a perfect wedding day and i'm one of them. whenever i go to other people's weddings i would picture how my wedding would be like. getting ideas here and there, trying to mix-n-match things.

DIY weddings...cheaper or expensive? i guess this depends. if you have families and friends in this kind of business then you can actually save $$. yay lucky me i got some creative people in the family. =D so i can save $$ there. and oh i wish that my cousin dlsr didn't get stolen or else i can save $$ on photogrpher. hehehe..it's all about the money..

catering..or self cook? another thing to consider. in the old days..ramai yang masak sendiri. i personally think that it's better because you know that the food would be good. because we can't really know how the catering would be like until the day itself. i think if my ayah was muda and still larat nak masak..he would go for masak sendiri. kan ayah kan?

hall or house? hall expensive. house also can be expensive because you have to prepare the entire house for it. tak kan la nak biar rumah bersepah kan? hall- number of guests is limited. larger number of guests will cost more. house - unlimited...tetapi tempahan makanan perlu la mencukupi. =D i have problem with this. i prefer hall, my ayah prefer house. my mom prefer hall also. but ayah wins in this. he said that if i were to be married first, it is better to do at home. more people friendly and etc. and he also said that, our family is very big and family members je can fill up the entire hall...belom masuk kawan2, sahabat-handai n etc.ok la..he wins. i'm so gonna make him pay for the canopy and etc.hahahaha.

hantaran. a malay tradition wedding. elok nombor ganjil. start dari 5 onwards. pihak perempuan kena kasi lebih dari pihak lelaki. nasib la my parent banyak anak lelaki.hahaha. tetapi lelaki kena kasi duit hantaran la n mas kahwin..that's what i heard when we were preparing for my cousin's wedding. then all of my cousins started making faces. aikk...hantaran pun ade rules and regulations? lantak la. nanti baru pikir.

~~~yay! got a parcel. dari sape? MPH. yay! dah dpt buku. cepat. BAGUS. malam ni ade bedtime story baru. ~~

well the list goes on for preparing a wedding. a lot to plan and think. saving is also a must. we can't totally rely on our parent's money. they have other priorities...paying other siblings school fees, house, cars, and etc.

June 24, 2009

Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2009

calling all divers...the exhibition is here in KL at PWTC.

i've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive but never got a chance. and some more, thanks to my cousin, he said people with sinus might have problem a bit. he told me a story about how his friend who had sinus lost his hearing. huhuhuhu...i don't want that. not at this age.ehehe. but i'm willing to give it a try. i still want to try it. most of my colleagues have got their diving certs and they usually for diving together. best kan?

i know who will want to join me for scuba...arina!!!ehehhe..she said so on our last trip - Pulau Lang Tengah. i can asked if my cousin's wife to join. pegi ramai2 lagi meriah. =D

so what can you get from the exhibition?
  • know where the best diving destinations are in Malaysia
  • diving equipments
  • latest in underwater photography and videgraphy innovations
  • and lots more!!!!
for more info: http://www.mide.com.my/

June 22, 2009

i'm 25

i'm 25....same ngan TV3.ehehe.

thank you to my families and friends for the wishes and gifts.

i can't wait for this weekend where we will be going for treasure hunt. yippie!

i hope my friend berjaya carikan kain yg saya pesan. huhuhu...

sy nak tuka skin blog lagi...saya rase yg ni x best sgt. sungguh la malas nak wat.

semalam gi shopping kat ssf n jalan tar. thanks Ija n Fuz sbb teman saya. kesian korang keletihan. i hope you guys enjoyed yourself.

someone's coming back this weekend...really excited!

celebrate with opismate...homemade choc brownies fudge.

June 16, 2009

yes saya bersalah

ini post utk org yang tinggalkan comment kepada post yang sy telah delete "Celcom Customer Service Sucks".

yes saya bersalah sebab menggunakan kata-kata kesat terhadap CSE. i should have known better. but i was very very furious with the service that i got from CSE. So being a human being, i can't control my feelings so my blog is way to let me feelings out. sorry to those that i have hurt. saya tahu korang mencari rezeki yang halal and kerja korang susah sebab kena layan customer macam saya. skali lagi sy minta maaf atas kata-kata kesat.

nak tahu apa jadi? i've been charge for things that i have not used/done. i called careline. they said yes we will log in the case for you. u don't have to pay the extra charges.u just need to pay the other stuff. so i paid them.

next month, i got barred. i called them up and asked why...they say i have overdue payments. then i told them what happened the month before. so the CSE log in my case and pun a note in the system saying "case being investigated.do not bar this line." so the CSE released my line and told me that if next month i got bar, u just say that there's a note in the system and ask them to check for and they will release your line.so i was okay .

month after next...again i got barred. called them up. i asked why? they said i have 3 months of overdue charges. i was shocked...because i paid every single month. so i asked them what happened to my payment? it seems that all the payments i have made was for the 1st month that i had the extra charges which i was told not to pay. so i told them what happened and i told them what the 2nd CSE told me to say if i kena bar lagi. they say they can not release my line...then the CSE said that he/she needs to go for training and asked me call again later. so afternoon i called them..this time i got released. she said she notice the note that the previous CSE had put. so ok....fine. btw she was very nice and helpful.

next day, after 24 hrs...my line still kena bar. so i called them up. so i tanye why my line x leh gune eventhough you dah release semalam? then the CSE told me...u have overdue payments we can not released your line...so i told the CSE what happened yesterday...tengah- tengah explain, the CSE hung up. so i call again...and i asked for that CSE that hung up..so they passed the CSE to me..and again he/she hung up. ok....so i called again and asked for the same CSE..guess what...he/she got training. OKla...so i just cakap to the CSE on the line....the my friend grabbed my hp and talked to the CSE. she asked so many questions and told the CSE to go here and there and then...the CSE said...oh yeah..i found out why your line have not been released...server failed. okla....i was ok with it. so my friend asked them to released my line again and i finally got it working after 30 mins.

i still have a case which is under investigation....and i pay my bills every month except the extra charges. tetapi perlukah CSE letak telephone on a customer?? i didn't even yell or scold that CSE.....what did i do wrong???

so please..yes i was wrong to say all those foul words but what that CSE did really pissed me off! you should never treat your customer like that.

just another post

ok...u guys have done a good job in making me miserable. congrats!

so moving on with my life..thanks to one akak here that have helped me out with my problems..hopefully in the coming months i won't have any more problems with that..

he's back to work. it was great having him here for awhile.

balik ni kena gi shoppin barang. i think ayah marah kat my bro because he didn't do so well in the exams...huhuhuhu..so i kena pi beli more books for him..

to Fatin n Huda..welcome back. nanti kite jumpe kay.

June 15, 2009

early bday celebration

Ija n fatin treat Arina n me for lunch...it was our very early bday celebration. this post was long overdue because we celebrated on 1st June 2009. ehehhe.. thanks Ija n Fatin. sayang korang!!!

June 10, 2009

orang pregnant emo kah?

sile la jawab title saya itu.......not that i'm pregnant.
it's just someone i know who been giving faces to her friends...
jangan la begitu nanti baby tu pun emo.kesian...kesian hubby die...

June 08, 2009

stupid parking rates

i hate parking rates in KL..it's so damn expensive. one day it's RM7 next day you know it'll be RM9. bengong! td try la prking tempat lain...open car park..it used to be RM6.then bile masuk je, tengok sign board die tulis...PARKING RM8.00. geram nye!!! baik aku parking kat convention tuh.siot je.
dah la nak save skali parking kena RM8. marahnye!!!!stupid parking rates. sesuka hati je dieorg ni nak naik turun kan harga parking. i really hope someone could actually do something about this. wat flat rate to all parking...

yay!! ari jumaat baby balik!!! bole gi beli barang-barang. arini die cuti sebab die sakit. kesian die. takde sape nak jaga die.

PD was ok. i don't like the beach. it's so DIRTY!!yucks...lepas mandi abis lekat minyak-minyak di baju.eiyuuuuu...

this coming 3 days i'm gonna drive. ayah takde. die gi main futsal kat johor. mama risau. dah tua-tua main sports kinda dangerous. well hope he takes care of himself. :D

congrats to Wani...die sgt cantik. hubby die pun comel je. dah la dtg dengan kuda. tak sempat nak jumpe azani and aifaa...huhuhuhu...nasib sempat jumpe dyna..setelah die sesat ntah ke mana. aaaaa...grand sgt wedding Wani. am soo happy for her. to azani n aifaa, jom jumpe...miss u both lots...jom la.....nnt i post gamba later. tak transfer lagi gamba-gamba sume.

i wonder if Fuz dah balik??? nak gi makan satay kajang hj. samsuri kat selayang mall.ehehehhe..

June 03, 2009

PD here i come

1 day to go..

i like goin out of KL nowadays. be it with my family or my friends.

yesterday i got a call from this lady. she said she got my number from ayah. and guess what my ayah told that lady...

lady: so r u interested with our offer?

ayah: nah..i pass but i think my daughter would. she likes to travel. why don't you try give her a call and see if she is interested.

suke hati je ayah ku bagi my number to strangers. padahal masa dlu bukan main marah if i talk to strangers. hehehe.

well, i pass with the offer that nice lady gave. i will be on a tight budget until i'm done with all the things that will happen in this coming year.

oooo...next trip...BRUNEI. bekerja sambil berjalan. sape ade kat sana??huhuhu...all alone.. :( bole tak tetibe nak contact long lost saudara...ahahahhahaha...muka tak malu btol budak nih.

he's not coming back.uwaaaa...well he is but it's towards the end of the month. BOSAN. asyik tukar tarikh je...penat je wat plan. tak mo dah wat plan pepe. merajuk~~~~

2nd thought

i'm having 2nd thought on things that is goin on in my life right now.

do i really want to go there? do i? do i?

someone said that this is normal. what is normal? i'm confusing myself and i'm scarying myself.