June 16, 2009

just another post

ok...u guys have done a good job in making me miserable. congrats!

so moving on with my life..thanks to one akak here that have helped me out with my problems..hopefully in the coming months i won't have any more problems with that..

he's back to work. it was great having him here for awhile.

balik ni kena gi shoppin barang. i think ayah marah kat my bro because he didn't do so well in the exams...huhuhuhu..so i kena pi beli more books for him..

to Fatin n Huda..welcome back. nanti kite jumpe kay.


Anonymous said...

dh delete ker post tu..x berani keww??/

Anonymous said...

betol betol betol
da delete yerr?
mksdnye die la yg salah

dYnA said...

daH xdE kjE ker aNonYmouS..
suCh a freAk menyibUk jEr kat cni..