June 28, 2009


bloggin from Lumut this time around.

i'm sending off my bro to further his education. i'm so glad he's still into learning. i was a bit worried about him at first. i really hope he likes it there.

yesterday went to see Transformer with no other than baby. lucky we only missed a few bits. i was kinda angry with him for being late. anyway thanks baby for spending time with me.wish could spend more time with him. he's off to Kerteh today. he got a week of training. hope could meet him before he goes back to Labuan. boo..we still need to go shopping.eheheh.

someone sms-ed me from India. "DAH BELI" yippie!!! hope it's nice. i can't wait to see it. i do hope she's gonna post something in her blog. just want to know what she's up too.maybe she's busy.

ok..getting sleepy already. gudbyte peeps! sweet dreams~~~

psst...yay cuti 2 hari!!! =D

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