June 24, 2009

Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) 2009

calling all divers...the exhibition is here in KL at PWTC.

i've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive but never got a chance. and some more, thanks to my cousin, he said people with sinus might have problem a bit. he told me a story about how his friend who had sinus lost his hearing. huhuhuhu...i don't want that. not at this age.ehehe. but i'm willing to give it a try. i still want to try it. most of my colleagues have got their diving certs and they usually for diving together. best kan?

i know who will want to join me for scuba...arina!!!ehehhe..she said so on our last trip - Pulau Lang Tengah. i can asked if my cousin's wife to join. pegi ramai2 lagi meriah. =D

so what can you get from the exhibition?
  • know where the best diving destinations are in Malaysia
  • diving equipments
  • latest in underwater photography and videgraphy innovations
  • and lots more!!!!
for more info: http://www.mide.com.my/

1 comment:

~iLL3$t~ said...

besnya ade dive expo..
kite serupa la..
me also got sinus n would luv to try diving ni..
bile read ur entry , terkezuts gak bole smapi lost hearing..

me wud luv gak join kalo u ade arrange..if u don mind la =P