June 03, 2009

PD here i come

1 day to go..

i like goin out of KL nowadays. be it with my family or my friends.

yesterday i got a call from this lady. she said she got my number from ayah. and guess what my ayah told that lady...

lady: so r u interested with our offer?

ayah: nah..i pass but i think my daughter would. she likes to travel. why don't you try give her a call and see if she is interested.

suke hati je ayah ku bagi my number to strangers. padahal masa dlu bukan main marah if i talk to strangers. hehehe.

well, i pass with the offer that nice lady gave. i will be on a tight budget until i'm done with all the things that will happen in this coming year.

oooo...next trip...BRUNEI. bekerja sambil berjalan. sape ade kat sana??huhuhu...all alone.. :( bole tak tetibe nak contact long lost saudara...ahahahhahaha...muka tak malu btol budak nih.

he's not coming back.uwaaaa...well he is but it's towards the end of the month. BOSAN. asyik tukar tarikh je...penat je wat plan. tak mo dah wat plan pepe. merajuk~~~~

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