June 26, 2009


i'm blog-hopping today and it seems that now people are blogging about weddings.
yeah most of my friends are getting or even married already. happy for them. the more i read these blogs the more confused and stressed. ahahahha...when it comes to wedding, be prepared to be stressed. a lot of think you have to plan and the most important thing is $$$$$$$..ka-ching!! nothing is free in this world. what's the suitable budget for a wedding? some people can go all-out for the wedding and some so-so. i wonder how's mine gonna be like? the most important thing is that after the wedding i do not want to surrounded by debts. praying hard for this. i wish i was rich. HA HA HA. then money would be the last thing on my mind.

every girl dreams of a perfect wedding day and i'm one of them. whenever i go to other people's weddings i would picture how my wedding would be like. getting ideas here and there, trying to mix-n-match things.

DIY weddings...cheaper or expensive? i guess this depends. if you have families and friends in this kind of business then you can actually save $$. yay lucky me i got some creative people in the family. =D so i can save $$ there. and oh i wish that my cousin dlsr didn't get stolen or else i can save $$ on photogrpher. hehehe..it's all about the money..

catering..or self cook? another thing to consider. in the old days..ramai yang masak sendiri. i personally think that it's better because you know that the food would be good. because we can't really know how the catering would be like until the day itself. i think if my ayah was muda and still larat nak masak..he would go for masak sendiri. kan ayah kan?

hall or house? hall expensive. house also can be expensive because you have to prepare the entire house for it. tak kan la nak biar rumah bersepah kan? hall- number of guests is limited. larger number of guests will cost more. house - unlimited...tetapi tempahan makanan perlu la mencukupi. =D i have problem with this. i prefer hall, my ayah prefer house. my mom prefer hall also. but ayah wins in this. he said that if i were to be married first, it is better to do at home. more people friendly and etc. and he also said that, our family is very big and family members je can fill up the entire hall...belom masuk kawan2, sahabat-handai n etc.ok la..he wins. i'm so gonna make him pay for the canopy and etc.hahahaha.

hantaran. a malay tradition wedding. elok nombor ganjil. start dari 5 onwards. pihak perempuan kena kasi lebih dari pihak lelaki. nasib la my parent banyak anak lelaki.hahaha. tetapi lelaki kena kasi duit hantaran la n mas kahwin..that's what i heard when we were preparing for my cousin's wedding. then all of my cousins started making faces. aikk...hantaran pun ade rules and regulations? lantak la. nanti baru pikir.

~~~yay! got a parcel. dari sape? MPH. yay! dah dpt buku. cepat. BAGUS. malam ni ade bedtime story baru. ~~

well the list goes on for preparing a wedding. a lot to plan and think. saving is also a must. we can't totally rely on our parent's money. they have other priorities...paying other siblings school fees, house, cars, and etc.

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