July 30, 2009

blue, aqua, and what's next??

i'm thinking about painting my room again. i'm getting bored with the current color.ehehe. and i think it's making my room a bit dark.

so far, i have light colors in my mind. even right now, my room is in light blue. i need to make it look bigger and more space.and the color should match the furniture which is in candy wood color. i have something like below in mind but then again it's kinda pale looking...gotta have some colors....

well....according to some researched that i've done..painting the ceiling and wall the same color can give of taller and larger room..hmm..maybe i should give it a try. ehehehe..

how about light aqua??? paint one wall with light aqua and 3 walls with light beige/cream like the one in the picture above...if like that, i need to figure out which wall will be painted in aqua....hmm?????

or i could maintain the 1 wall with the current color and change the other 3 walls with a different, natural color???

a lighter blue grayish...

this is my current wall color...

maybe i need to paint my doors and windows white...hahaha...my parent will so not let me do that..

Images taken from here: www.lillianritz.com/category/rooms

and while i was surfing and researching..i came across this blog.... this girl, Akanksha, will wear only 1 dress for 365 days..how cool is that??? save money and makes you more creative in styling.

color oh color...you light my days... :)

July 28, 2009

another talent gone

al-Fatihah to our dear writer, producer, Yasmin Ahmad.

reading her blog is making me having goosebumps. i'm not sure why. her works are brilliant. always make you open your mind..see what's beyond.

a very talented person indeed!

u'll be missed and may you rest in peace.

July 23, 2009

utilized please!

i want to be utilized!!!! i can't take this anymore.

gimme stuff to do. other than answering phone calls...eheheh.

data entry pun bole! saya terima!

geezzz.....i sound so desperate but memang desperate pun...

for the time being enjoy while you can...tengah think positive ni.

July 17, 2009

a post dedicated to my dad and my ayah

i have 2 great men in my life and i feel totally blessed. so this post is dedicated to them. i know they are not reading my blog but i feel like writing about them. i know father's day is way out but it doesn't mean that i can't write about them on any other day.

my two fathers. they are totally opposite of one another. one is open-minded and i can share almost anything with him and another one, i won't share everything because there's a limit, it's not that i don't want to share it's just i think it's a way of respecting him. one is tall, dark and good-looking, (if he is reading my blog, i'm sure he'd be smiling from ear to ear..or he leaps off his chair for happiness -perasan la tuh) and another is average in height, fair than the other and cute (ok, if he's reading this, i think his face would go all red -malu la plak). one is very strict and another is very easy-going. one is tech-savy and another is so-so.

what do these two men have in common??? they have me as a daughter. hahahaha. both of them are very good with numbers. they're good friends.isn't it weird? but i'm glad that they're ok with one another. next, both loves Beemer. both are good in business..always having ideas on having own business someday and i pray for them so that their dreams would come true. both gives me a lot of good advice about life and always makes me stay positive...especially when i'm in trouble or when i have problems.. always trying to make me happy and makes sure that i am and will be.

i remembered when i was a little girl, when i was in the car with them (separate events), my favorite question would be "dad/ayah...kenapa bulan ni ikut kite?" and to my surprise both of them replied the same(in different sentence je). they would say.."it means you're special..it will always shine your way even in the darkest place." and at that time i was be the happiest little girl in the world.

so...when that day arrives, where they will hand me over, i will cry my heart out.....( note to my dear bffs: please be ready with boxes and boxes of tissue. ) i'll pray that the guy i choose will make me happy like how my fathers always do.

so to my fathers, thank you. thank you for everything.

July 15, 2009

Stabbed in a Courtroom..

I was shocked to read the paper and found out that even in courtroom you can be killed.

No where in this world is safe anymore.

Marwa el-Sherbini,an Egyptian women, was murdered at Dresden Court in Germany. She was stabbed 18 times by her neighbor in front of the judge, her 3 year old son and husband. 18 times!!!! And she's pregnant with the second child. This is so cruel! Where were the guards when this happened? And another thing..her husband was shot by one of the guards because he was trying to save his wife..

AAAA...this is a heart-trenching news!!! Why not shoot the killer?

The husband is in critical condition..

Poor child...

Read more here.

July 14, 2009

best paper award..alhamdulillah.

i received a sms from baby just now.

"Boo, dpt best paper! Ehe."

i replied, "wah! congrats sayang!"

he replied, "ehe.tq." --> tgh excited la tuh.hahahah...tahniah sayang! if jadi dinner malam ni, saya belanja.

love you lots!

July 13, 2009

shoppin with him

Saturday was a very very fun and tiring day.

He spends the whole day shopping with me. yippie. tak pnah rase letey cam itu.
So this time around we headed to somewhere different. It’s very difficult for us to go out on a day in KL but we did it this time around. Destination: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman @ Jalan TAR.

We managed to buy all the stuff needed for the hantaran already. pening kpala nak pilih kain. baru tau ade banyak jenis kain. and now i undertsand why muslim guys are not allowed to wear silk as in 100% silk. We both learned something today. :) ade silk from daun and ade silk from insect/animal.so the one that the guys are not allowed to wear is the one from insect/animal. i thought that all silk are made out of insect/animal. i didn't know that there are silk made from daun. punya la berdebat dengan orang yang jual kain tuh to really make sure that he can wear it.ehehehe. so off-white/pearl color is the color for our baju. mata jadi juling sebab nak tengok color kain di bawah lampu merah sangat tak membantu maka mengajak orang yang jual itu pergi dekat tepi tingkap supaya dapat natural lighting. Argued with him on which color is the best and result is as stated above. Off- white/pearl.

Next mission: sejadah and songkok. besar jugak kepala sayang.ehehehe. adeke tanya nak beli size ape to me? How should I know when he's the one trying it.hihihih..gelak je la. Then cross the road to buy sejadah. Oh gosh...spend sometime here because he kept checking the designs on the sejadah..checking if there's any unwanted designs and etc...okla..saba je la. Benda2 ni kena la particular. So bile die dah satisfied baru la kami pegi makan. sebenar nye perut dah lame berbunyi tu yang tak bole nak concentrate on the shoppin.

Lunch was nasi padang. sedap. makan telur itik masak lemak cili padi. nyums~~~die makan ayam ape ntah. sedap jugak~~~ bile dah kenyang tak larat nak jalan. nasib la dah abis shoppin barang-barang yang important. i was ready to go home when he suddenly said.."baby..awal lagi la nak balik. Kite balik macam biase la." owhhhh.....am i dreaming???usually he's the one who wants to go back early but this time..terbalik plak.ehehhe..so he said let's go shopping some more.hah??!@?? shoppin lagi...aiyakkk...ikut je la.

we..ehem. I mean I got 2 new baju. Baby belanje. yippie...dah lame tak beli baju.suka2! Only after seeing that I was in a happy mood sebab dapat baju baru, then only baby ajak balik.eheh. On the way back, kiteorg bergadoh pasal warna kain balik. So we end up at my house to see the kain again. then die kata ok....but i don't really believe him when he said ok..i think he prefer the kain lining for my baju to be the other color but he's just keeping it to himself because dah beli.huhuhuhuhu.....sorryyyyy...

Thanks baby for spending your time with me. Thanks for the baju and lunch. :) All da best in your presentation at the forum tomorrow and hopefully can go for dinner together.hahaha..sempat gak nak suruh dinner sama2.

July 09, 2009

quote for today

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell.

Open up your eyes this morning and see what is around you. Appreciate everything that God have given or have in plan for you.

Seize the day with smile even though you're aching inside because that smile will be the most powerful smile of all.


July 07, 2009

Campur- campur

sunset in lumut

Last Saturday, I teman Ainul gi rumah baru die. Actually ade contractors nak datang pasang cabinet. Before going to her house, we stoped at Ikea and did some minor shopping.ehehe.just minor one. Then head for her house. It was nice!!! She has a front lawn!!!! Lepak at her house until evening then we headed for our late lunch...at Pak Li's Kopitiam. This is what we ordered.

we even ordered extra drinks.ehehe...sebab gossip banyak sangat kot.

i got my kain. it's reallly prreetttyyyy. tak saba nak tgk bile dah anta jahit and siap as a baju.

miss Arina...lame tak jumpe die. :(

baby's coming back again this weekend. i wish him all the best in his presentation.

July 03, 2009

things to be done

i still have some things i need to do and hopefully it can be done within the time. actually most of it i help only.ehehhe..my cousin's wife is doing it.ngeee....thank you kak Zuhara.

  1. baju - done. thank you aunty May.
  2. bilik - okla..tinggal nak beli curtain je.
  3. hantaran - belom buat ape2 lagi. barang hantaran pun blom beli.sekian.
  4. catering - mama dah book. food testing next week.
  5. makeup - kak zuhara makeup with my bff as a QC
  6. doorgifts - in da process...bole tak barang tak cukup2 lagi.haih...sampai aunty kedai tuh pun dah knal.
  7. invitation card - dah design (sendiri) tinggal nak print (sendiri) and anta. aunty Zu kata takmo dtg if tak dapat kad. maka, saya harus buat kad.ooo..lupe nak mintak ayah lukis map.ehehehe..kena beli kertas and ink printer.
  8. veil, shoes, tudung, tiara yg kecil molek...nak ikut Fuz gi tempat die. hopefully ade la yang matching with my baju. shoes belasah je.
  9. pelamin mini - kak zuhara jugak. masih dalam process design.
macam nak kawin je. ahahah.

lagi 3 hari leh tengok kain yang di pesan.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

esok teman member. she got her house already. so happy for her.