July 30, 2009

blue, aqua, and what's next??

i'm thinking about painting my room again. i'm getting bored with the current color.ehehe. and i think it's making my room a bit dark.

so far, i have light colors in my mind. even right now, my room is in light blue. i need to make it look bigger and more space.and the color should match the furniture which is in candy wood color. i have something like below in mind but then again it's kinda pale looking...gotta have some colors....

well....according to some researched that i've done..painting the ceiling and wall the same color can give of taller and larger room..hmm..maybe i should give it a try. ehehehe..

how about light aqua??? paint one wall with light aqua and 3 walls with light beige/cream like the one in the picture above...if like that, i need to figure out which wall will be painted in aqua....hmm?????

or i could maintain the 1 wall with the current color and change the other 3 walls with a different, natural color???

a lighter blue grayish...

this is my current wall color...

maybe i need to paint my doors and windows white...hahaha...my parent will so not let me do that..

Images taken from here: www.lillianritz.com/category/rooms

and while i was surfing and researching..i came across this blog.... this girl, Akanksha, will wear only 1 dress for 365 days..how cool is that??? save money and makes you more creative in styling.

color oh color...you light my days... :)

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