July 07, 2009

Campur- campur

sunset in lumut

Last Saturday, I teman Ainul gi rumah baru die. Actually ade contractors nak datang pasang cabinet. Before going to her house, we stoped at Ikea and did some minor shopping.ehehe.just minor one. Then head for her house. It was nice!!! She has a front lawn!!!! Lepak at her house until evening then we headed for our late lunch...at Pak Li's Kopitiam. This is what we ordered.

we even ordered extra drinks.ehehe...sebab gossip banyak sangat kot.

i got my kain. it's reallly prreetttyyyy. tak saba nak tgk bile dah anta jahit and siap as a baju.

miss Arina...lame tak jumpe die. :(

baby's coming back again this weekend. i wish him all the best in his presentation.

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