July 17, 2009

a post dedicated to my dad and my ayah

i have 2 great men in my life and i feel totally blessed. so this post is dedicated to them. i know they are not reading my blog but i feel like writing about them. i know father's day is way out but it doesn't mean that i can't write about them on any other day.

my two fathers. they are totally opposite of one another. one is open-minded and i can share almost anything with him and another one, i won't share everything because there's a limit, it's not that i don't want to share it's just i think it's a way of respecting him. one is tall, dark and good-looking, (if he is reading my blog, i'm sure he'd be smiling from ear to ear..or he leaps off his chair for happiness -perasan la tuh) and another is average in height, fair than the other and cute (ok, if he's reading this, i think his face would go all red -malu la plak). one is very strict and another is very easy-going. one is tech-savy and another is so-so.

what do these two men have in common??? they have me as a daughter. hahahaha. both of them are very good with numbers. they're good friends.isn't it weird? but i'm glad that they're ok with one another. next, both loves Beemer. both are good in business..always having ideas on having own business someday and i pray for them so that their dreams would come true. both gives me a lot of good advice about life and always makes me stay positive...especially when i'm in trouble or when i have problems.. always trying to make me happy and makes sure that i am and will be.

i remembered when i was a little girl, when i was in the car with them (separate events), my favorite question would be "dad/ayah...kenapa bulan ni ikut kite?" and to my surprise both of them replied the same(in different sentence je). they would say.."it means you're special..it will always shine your way even in the darkest place." and at that time i was be the happiest little girl in the world.

so...when that day arrives, where they will hand me over, i will cry my heart out.....( note to my dear bffs: please be ready with boxes and boxes of tissue. ) i'll pray that the guy i choose will make me happy like how my fathers always do.

so to my fathers, thank you. thank you for everything.

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i love this entry
it was so sweet