July 13, 2009

shoppin with him

Saturday was a very very fun and tiring day.

He spends the whole day shopping with me. yippie. tak pnah rase letey cam itu.
So this time around we headed to somewhere different. It’s very difficult for us to go out on a day in KL but we did it this time around. Destination: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman @ Jalan TAR.

We managed to buy all the stuff needed for the hantaran already. pening kpala nak pilih kain. baru tau ade banyak jenis kain. and now i undertsand why muslim guys are not allowed to wear silk as in 100% silk. We both learned something today. :) ade silk from daun and ade silk from insect/animal.so the one that the guys are not allowed to wear is the one from insect/animal. i thought that all silk are made out of insect/animal. i didn't know that there are silk made from daun. punya la berdebat dengan orang yang jual kain tuh to really make sure that he can wear it.ehehehe. so off-white/pearl color is the color for our baju. mata jadi juling sebab nak tengok color kain di bawah lampu merah sangat tak membantu maka mengajak orang yang jual itu pergi dekat tepi tingkap supaya dapat natural lighting. Argued with him on which color is the best and result is as stated above. Off- white/pearl.

Next mission: sejadah and songkok. besar jugak kepala sayang.ehehehe. adeke tanya nak beli size ape to me? How should I know when he's the one trying it.hihihih..gelak je la. Then cross the road to buy sejadah. Oh gosh...spend sometime here because he kept checking the designs on the sejadah..checking if there's any unwanted designs and etc...okla..saba je la. Benda2 ni kena la particular. So bile die dah satisfied baru la kami pegi makan. sebenar nye perut dah lame berbunyi tu yang tak bole nak concentrate on the shoppin.

Lunch was nasi padang. sedap. makan telur itik masak lemak cili padi. nyums~~~die makan ayam ape ntah. sedap jugak~~~ bile dah kenyang tak larat nak jalan. nasib la dah abis shoppin barang-barang yang important. i was ready to go home when he suddenly said.."baby..awal lagi la nak balik. Kite balik macam biase la." owhhhh.....am i dreaming???usually he's the one who wants to go back early but this time..terbalik plak.ehehhe..so he said let's go shopping some more.hah??!@?? shoppin lagi...aiyakkk...ikut je la.

we..ehem. I mean I got 2 new baju. Baby belanje. yippie...dah lame tak beli baju.suka2! Only after seeing that I was in a happy mood sebab dapat baju baru, then only baby ajak balik.eheh. On the way back, kiteorg bergadoh pasal warna kain balik. So we end up at my house to see the kain again. then die kata ok....but i don't really believe him when he said ok..i think he prefer the kain lining for my baju to be the other color but he's just keeping it to himself because dah beli.huhuhuhuhu.....sorryyyyy...

Thanks baby for spending your time with me. Thanks for the baju and lunch. :) All da best in your presentation at the forum tomorrow and hopefully can go for dinner together.hahaha..sempat gak nak suruh dinner sama2.

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