August 28, 2009

Dapat Award! yippie!

wow wee..pagi- pagi tengok blog dan dapati saya telah mendat award dari tumblerbiru. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. ehehhe. what a way to start a day. never before i got an award for my blog. so thank you. leh lompat-lompat atas meja sekarang.

so memandangkan bulan ni bulan yang baik lagi dirahmati, maka, saya pun nak kasi award kat beberapa blogger lain yang slalu saya baca. so to these bloggers, congrats!
meh sini cek ape yang kena buat setelah mendapat award (ye ade checklist):

1. Place the logo on your blog - Done

2. Award this award to other bloggers that inspires you. - Done

3. Make sure to thank the person you received the award from by backlink. - Done

4. Inform the bloggers that you gave award to by leaving comment on theirs. - Done

5. Berbagi cinta dan sayang untuk penghargaan ini kepada pemberi anugerah ini.. - Done

terima kasih tumblerbiru. :)

August 27, 2009

tatkala kebosanan


I got a song stuck in my head right now. Thanks to the radio this morning.

"Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Ku pergi sebentar
Bukan untuk curang
Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Nanti aku datang
Bawa yang kau pesan"

and this is my version

"Please please please
Get out of my head
I need to concentrate
Please Please Please
Get out of my head
I need some peace of mind"

Ija n Fuz sure ingat lagu ni...ehehehhe..lagu roadtrip to Kuantan ;)

If anyone is interested, lagu tu tajuknya adalah Jangan Nakal by Aliff Satar. It's a catchy song, no doubt about it.

August 25, 2009

up up and away

how's puasa so far? sure ok kan..that's good. come on's only been like 4 days.

yeah i remembered, on the 1st day of puasa, when it was time to break fast, my lil' bro said to me..

"kaklong, kite ade 29 hari lagi nak puasa." i agreed to him but then i said to myself.."eh..aziq ni..dah start countdown ke? baru 1 hari puasa..ehehe.."

then i remembered when i was at his age i used to do the same. 1 hari means so much when you're little. but it also means so much when we're old. it's like 1 day to finish your final year project.hahaha...FYP. what a memory. why is it when it's like a really crucial time, everything go all messed-up? suddenly the computer doesn't want to start. your printer is making funny dotted can't find where your glasses are..and etc. are we psycho-ing ourselves? i think we are. i mean that's what i think. i psycho myself out. i guess it's just to keep me alert.

anyways, yesterday i got my tudung and veil already for the e-day. dah try skali gus semua and it's nice. pandai Kak Su match. my mom n i amat berpuas hati.simple n nice. so now i need to find my kasut. there's also some changes to be done to some stuff for the e-day. i need to look for more things now. hope i can find a nice one and within budget. nak kena gi ronda-ronda jalan TAR la ni....oooooooooooooooooo......

i think next two weeks, i'm gonna start baking raya cookies. this year have to double the amount because all my brothers want to take some back to hostel. so gotta prepare myself for a long baking day. i persuaded my mom to bake nescafe this year. since Kakcik loves it so much so why not. last year tak buat so this year can do. of course main cookies will be as always choc chip n almond, and my all time favourite - biskut arab...which reminds me that i also need to bake extra to give to baby's family. last weekend, we bought everything for the baking saba nak bake cookies. mama kata kali ni pakai 2 tempat bakar - 1 microwave, 1 dapur gas nye. huhuhuh....hope i won't burnt any cookies.

selamat berbuka to all~~today the weather very clear!! i can see genting from the office. walaa! and the clouds all puffy muffy looking.tetibe teringat.........sedap nye marshmellow~~~

August 21, 2009

i'm almost there

yep..i'm almost there but not quite yet. still hanging on.

i counting every tick the clock is making and i just can't wait till it reached 5.00!!!! yeah's FRIDAY and i'm looking foward for a rest. My body just feels tired. I got MC for this week but didn't get to use it because of work... so i really can't wait till the clock on this laptop shows 5.00 pm!!!!!

esok sudah start puasa. i hope my throat will be able to tahan. it's still swollen a bit. my voice is getting better.

so i would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims out there, Selamat Berpuasa. Happy Ramadhan. May this be your best Ramadhan ever!

take care!

p/s: Happy Birthday to Ayah & Huda. :)

August 14, 2009

i got the DVD and more!

a complete season 4 of how i met ur mother.yippie!

i also got another thing which is sore throat. i have no voice.huhuhuhu. the haze is making me sick. i can feel that my asthma is here ready to work inhaler.long time no use already. i'm trying to not be dependent on it. i know i can control my asthma so i don't have to worry so much.

plus...i have training goin on. i smsed my supervisor on saturday saying i lost my voice. he said there's no replacement.

so on monday, i showed up at the office and prepared myself for a very long day. then suddenly...tadaaa!!!! Lena, came to the rescue! i can rest my sore sore throat...thanks a lot Lena!!! FYI. Lena was in another training but she was called out to replace me. Isn't she a nice!!! terharu bangat.

hopefully i can have my voice back so i can continue with the training.

baby is in Concorde for training. have fun!

~~barli and kembang semangkuk makes a good remedy for sore throat!~~

August 13, 2009

plans only plans

what lies ahead no one knows except for God. so as human, we're suppose to plan our lives out. so i'm making my plans to meet up with my friends.

first on top of the list is meeting Baby and family. Got things to discuss about. very important..

second up is with Huda, Fuz, Ija. this Sun for lunch. hope it will alright with all of us.

third is lunch tomorrow to celebrate Fatin's Birthday. dah lepas dah pun tp disebabkan minah ni busy sangat so sampai skang la tak celebrate.ehehehe.

next is berbuka puasa with Arina, Ija, Fatin, Syatul and Fiena. Not sure when yet...but it's a start right?

so as for now, i wish that tomorrow will be a better day for us all.

~real friends are those that have the guts to tell to your face if you're wrong.~

August 12, 2009

what i've been up to lately


road trip to Kuantan for Syibli n Suraya wedding. Cute couple.

~nikah picture taken from facebook~

Kiteorang sesat because of the very useful map. Thanks to pakcik Petronas for helping us out with the direction. At last we reached our destination and everyone was hungry. it was the prefect time because Syib n Suraya was just starting to 'berarak' masuk ke dewan.

~gmba pelamin..cantik'ah tgh makan pls ignore..eeheh~

we stayed until picture time. i think Syib was so terharu because we came..Shidan and Faiz was also there but they didn't stayed until picture time. normal la..we gals love to camwhore. after photo session, head back to KL but didn't go straight home. we went to Midvalley for the Wedding Expo. Fuz nak gi sangat so what da heck...ikut je la. Bole tumpang gak cari idea.hahahaha...Fuz gi ngan baju kebaya and becoz of that she got a number from a guy at Carl's Jr. now who says you need to go to a bar to be picked up? Carl's Jr. pun bole tau...ehehehe...then head back home after droppin Caah. Slept over at Fuz's but to sleepover there was not easy. We have to shout, climb, laugh and etc to get into the house. I can't believe we have to break in to Fuz's house because the maid didn't hear us calling for her. Tido mati ok. (not so sure...maybe she went to the neighbour's house) after we went to the back of her house we finally got in. i guess the maid came managed to come home and opened the door for us. sessi mengurut gune kerusi ogawa yang best and gossip bermula. then followed by sessi try baju kahwin Fuz..baju macam besar but don't worry Fuz akan alter to fit her nicely. fuz dah kurus.ehehe. then everyone dozed off until the next morning at 9am. like normal breakfast at our fav hang out place...abbas then she sent Ija n me home.

~~iklan kejap. if dah pinjam kereta and rosak sila la baiki. orang dah cakap kereta tu takleh nak travel jauh korang degil!!!! nak jugak guna and now dah rosak. ape lagi keluarkan la duit korang tuh. degil and kedekut. asyik nak menyusahkan orang lain. ingat my parent cop duit ke?????bile susah cari kiteorang then bile senang lupe... bile orang cakap takmo sila la bayar and baiki balik kereta itu. saya nak guna kereta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give back da car!!!!~~

continue yesterday my officemate n i celebrated Aliza's birthday in advance. because her actual birthday falls in Ramadhan so can not celebrate it on that day.

We went out for lunch at Cozy's Corner Ampang Park. Then tea-time, we makan her birthday cake and gave her the present. We're all so glad that she liked the present. Penat perah otak pikir nak beli apa untuk die. Happy Birthday Aliza. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. :)

August 05, 2009

TV shows that I like..

cite ni klaka ok..bole happy kan diri pada hari Monday...

always loved this show from the start.

mula start tengok mase kat UTP.

sama dengan scrubs..start ikut masa kat U. and i missed the season finale aritu!!!!
baru je start follow..siap cari dvd lagi ok...

cite ni comel and i like..skang ni anak2 die sume dah besar.

August 03, 2009

baby sitting lil' Thaqiff

on Saturday, i became a baby sitter. well not really.

Arina n I went to Dejah's bro wedding so i asked Arina to bring her nephew along.
Thaqif is so cute!!! with his big brown eyes and da chubby cheeks.eeeee...geram!! dah la baik..tak nangis pun. and he can easily go to sleep. cakap pun bole....his fav word.."apa ni"

it was really fun. dah lama takde budak kecik in my family and i think that's why la my lil' bro jadi mangsa. i spoil him too much. even my friends said so. so bile Thaqif datang, everyone in my house was excited.hahahaha...ayah pun excited. jarang nampak ayah excited over baby.ahahaha..he acts kinda weird when there's kids around. i think ayah tak tau camne nak handle kot.

i remembered ade one evening when we went to Makngah's house, my cousin's son, Danial, went up to my ayah and started talking..

"Tok Man..Tok Man..Tok Man keje ape? Danial nak tulis pasal Tok Man la. Try Tok Man baca story I tulis.." we all waited to see how my ayah would react...nasibla die layan macam kelaka.ahahahaha...

and as normal, my mom would suggest, "bagi Thaqif makan nestum nak? die makan Nestum tak?" to my mom: baby = eat

everytime ade budak kecik die nak bagi makan. no wonderla kiteorg sehat sehat belaka masa kecik. berketul2 badan. my cousin nye anak abis dah kena. sampai je makngah nye rumah...the 1st question she will ask is "dah makan ke belom? nak makan tak?" itu belom dieorang datang our house....tak bole balik selagi tak makan..hahaha.

lepas kenduri balik rumah tukar baju then pegi bawak Thaqif melawat Aunty Ija..kesian Aunty Ija merah- merah...macam lobster. Thaqif suke sangat main lompat- lompat atas kerusi bulat. pastu masa tengok ikan makan dalam kolam...mulut die bising..ehehehe..

then we went to OU...tapi masuk je kete...Thaqif trus tido.letey main lompat-lompat kot...sampai OU pun tido je. jalan2 tunggu abang Arina sampai. tido je si comel..siap senyum2 lagi.

tak saba nak jumpe Thaqif lagi. ehehe..ntah2 next time jumpe Thaqif lagi banyak cakap..