August 14, 2009

i got the DVD and more!

a complete season 4 of how i met ur mother.yippie!

i also got another thing which is sore throat. i have no voice.huhuhuhu. the haze is making me sick. i can feel that my asthma is here ready to work inhaler.long time no use already. i'm trying to not be dependent on it. i know i can control my asthma so i don't have to worry so much.

plus...i have training goin on. i smsed my supervisor on saturday saying i lost my voice. he said there's no replacement.

so on monday, i showed up at the office and prepared myself for a very long day. then suddenly...tadaaa!!!! Lena, came to the rescue! i can rest my sore sore throat...thanks a lot Lena!!! FYI. Lena was in another training but she was called out to replace me. Isn't she a nice!!! terharu bangat.

hopefully i can have my voice back so i can continue with the training.

baby is in Concorde for training. have fun!

~~barli and kembang semangkuk makes a good remedy for sore throat!~~

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