August 13, 2009

plans only plans

what lies ahead no one knows except for God. so as human, we're suppose to plan our lives out. so i'm making my plans to meet up with my friends.

first on top of the list is meeting Baby and family. Got things to discuss about. very important..

second up is with Huda, Fuz, Ija. this Sun for lunch. hope it will alright with all of us.

third is lunch tomorrow to celebrate Fatin's Birthday. dah lepas dah pun tp disebabkan minah ni busy sangat so sampai skang la tak celebrate.ehehehe.

next is berbuka puasa with Arina, Ija, Fatin, Syatul and Fiena. Not sure when yet...but it's a start right?

so as for now, i wish that tomorrow will be a better day for us all.

~real friends are those that have the guts to tell to your face if you're wrong.~

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