August 25, 2009

up up and away

how's puasa so far? sure ok kan..that's good. come on's only been like 4 days.

yeah i remembered, on the 1st day of puasa, when it was time to break fast, my lil' bro said to me..

"kaklong, kite ade 29 hari lagi nak puasa." i agreed to him but then i said to myself.."eh..aziq ni..dah start countdown ke? baru 1 hari puasa..ehehe.."

then i remembered when i was at his age i used to do the same. 1 hari means so much when you're little. but it also means so much when we're old. it's like 1 day to finish your final year project.hahaha...FYP. what a memory. why is it when it's like a really crucial time, everything go all messed-up? suddenly the computer doesn't want to start. your printer is making funny dotted can't find where your glasses are..and etc. are we psycho-ing ourselves? i think we are. i mean that's what i think. i psycho myself out. i guess it's just to keep me alert.

anyways, yesterday i got my tudung and veil already for the e-day. dah try skali gus semua and it's nice. pandai Kak Su match. my mom n i amat berpuas hati.simple n nice. so now i need to find my kasut. there's also some changes to be done to some stuff for the e-day. i need to look for more things now. hope i can find a nice one and within budget. nak kena gi ronda-ronda jalan TAR la ni....oooooooooooooooooo......

i think next two weeks, i'm gonna start baking raya cookies. this year have to double the amount because all my brothers want to take some back to hostel. so gotta prepare myself for a long baking day. i persuaded my mom to bake nescafe this year. since Kakcik loves it so much so why not. last year tak buat so this year can do. of course main cookies will be as always choc chip n almond, and my all time favourite - biskut arab...which reminds me that i also need to bake extra to give to baby's family. last weekend, we bought everything for the baking saba nak bake cookies. mama kata kali ni pakai 2 tempat bakar - 1 microwave, 1 dapur gas nye. huhuhuh....hope i won't burnt any cookies.

selamat berbuka to all~~today the weather very clear!! i can see genting from the office. walaa! and the clouds all puffy muffy looking.tetibe teringat.........sedap nye marshmellow~~~


dYnA said...

bAbe! whEn is yOur e-dAy? aifAa oR u 1sT? HuHu! congRtaz!

bTw, g jLn tAr tu pKai mAsk K! infLuenzA is gEttIng bAd!
tAke caRe!

SaRaH said...

hey Dyna..i will send invitation later. aifa 1st..week before me. make sure you can come for both ya! ya!