August 12, 2009

what i've been up to lately


road trip to Kuantan for Syibli n Suraya wedding. Cute couple.

~nikah picture taken from facebook~

Kiteorang sesat because of the very useful map. Thanks to pakcik Petronas for helping us out with the direction. At last we reached our destination and everyone was hungry. it was the prefect time because Syib n Suraya was just starting to 'berarak' masuk ke dewan.

~gmba pelamin..cantik'ah tgh makan pls ignore..eeheh~

we stayed until picture time. i think Syib was so terharu because we came..Shidan and Faiz was also there but they didn't stayed until picture time. normal la..we gals love to camwhore. after photo session, head back to KL but didn't go straight home. we went to Midvalley for the Wedding Expo. Fuz nak gi sangat so what da heck...ikut je la. Bole tumpang gak cari idea.hahahaha...Fuz gi ngan baju kebaya and becoz of that she got a number from a guy at Carl's Jr. now who says you need to go to a bar to be picked up? Carl's Jr. pun bole tau...ehehehe...then head back home after droppin Caah. Slept over at Fuz's but to sleepover there was not easy. We have to shout, climb, laugh and etc to get into the house. I can't believe we have to break in to Fuz's house because the maid didn't hear us calling for her. Tido mati ok. (not so sure...maybe she went to the neighbour's house) after we went to the back of her house we finally got in. i guess the maid came managed to come home and opened the door for us. sessi mengurut gune kerusi ogawa yang best and gossip bermula. then followed by sessi try baju kahwin Fuz..baju macam besar but don't worry Fuz akan alter to fit her nicely. fuz dah kurus.ehehe. then everyone dozed off until the next morning at 9am. like normal breakfast at our fav hang out place...abbas then she sent Ija n me home.

~~iklan kejap. if dah pinjam kereta and rosak sila la baiki. orang dah cakap kereta tu takleh nak travel jauh korang degil!!!! nak jugak guna and now dah rosak. ape lagi keluarkan la duit korang tuh. degil and kedekut. asyik nak menyusahkan orang lain. ingat my parent cop duit ke?????bile susah cari kiteorang then bile senang lupe... bile orang cakap takmo sila la bayar and baiki balik kereta itu. saya nak guna kereta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give back da car!!!!~~

continue yesterday my officemate n i celebrated Aliza's birthday in advance. because her actual birthday falls in Ramadhan so can not celebrate it on that day.

We went out for lunch at Cozy's Corner Ampang Park. Then tea-time, we makan her birthday cake and gave her the present. We're all so glad that she liked the present. Penat perah otak pikir nak beli apa untuk die. Happy Birthday Aliza. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. :)

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