September 18, 2009

2 more weeks!

i don't know how i feel right now.
should i be nervous?
it's just tunang. engagement. nothing big right?
NO!! it's something huge..enormous for me.
i don't know if i'm ready to be someone's fiancee.
to tell you da truth..I"M SCARED!!!!!
it's mind boggling scary wary....

shishhh...baru bertunang..blom kawin lg.hahahaha.

from my side, preparation are almost done.
still have the hantaran, and door gift and the mini pelamin to do.
outfit done. tinggal nak pakai je. hopefully muat. takot gemok and tak muat. if tak muat make it fit jugak! i spend a lot on it..geezz..

from his side...he said after raya baru nak start.not much things to be done on his.

kawan rapat sudah ku jemput. ahli keluarga pun sudah di jemput.

almost done...but i'm not ready.huhuhu. is this normal? normal ke? takut nak bertunang? i said before..tunang.not kawin.haiyaaaa...gotta get a grip la girl!

i shall be happy on my e-day.i will be happy on that day. if you are not happy then too bad! (tengah mempositive kan diri sendiri)

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