September 03, 2009

an act of kindness

yesterday when i was on my way to work i saw something.
it really touches my heart. i'm in the state of emotional mixed-up yesterday.

so there i was crossing the street.."tengok kiri, tengok kanan, tengok kiri, cross!!"
then when i reached at the top of the stairs, i saw it.

there he was. he was all clean and tidy. very smart. siap pakai spec mata hitam. but i saw him struggling. i didn't notice it at first. but later only i realized that he was holding a walking stick..ohh..he was blind. now i know what's with the sunglass. there was a guy and a lady walking by...anda rasa sape kah yang akan menolong the blind guy?

jeng..jeng..jeng...well i thought that itwas going to be the guy but i was wrong!!! the lady helped the blind guy. i was like..."aaawwww....baiknye~~~"terharu....bile i selisih ngan the guy i said to myself but quite loud..."bagus nya akak tu tolong orang tuh..." then the guy pusing his head to me and i gave him a big wide SMILE!

dalam bulan puasa ni apa salahnye tolong orang yang susah...dapat pahala bukan dapat dosa.

sekian, tamat.

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