October 29, 2009

How to Eat Hotate

Had lunch with Ainul.
It's been awhile since we both had sushi.
So today we went for Sakae Sushi.
DELICIOUS!!!!!!!Sedap sehingga mata susah nak bukak and perut memboyot ke depan.hahaha.
So I had the Unagi Kabayaki with Tempura bento set which looked something like below...need to remove the tori karaage to tempura..
and she had the something hotate something set. The name was long and it wasn't on the website. we were so hungry we forgot to take some pictures. i only took the last minute ones-when the plates are almost empty..ehehe. according to my friend, seriously there's no rules saying that you must follow this, this is how you eat hotate something.

this is how it looks like....

  1. clean your mouth - drink water
  2. clean all the i have no idea what it is but it's kinda like mayonaise plus cheese by placing it on top of the scallop which is already covered with the mayonaise plus cheese
  3. scoop the hotate...
  4. then open wide and stuff it in your mouth.
  5. chew very slowly and enjoy the taste.

ok we're done and full. now let's get back to reality and do your work!

picture of the set was taken from here: http://www.sakaesushi.com.my/

October 26, 2009

hunting for photographer

this will be one of the entry which i have no idea what to blog about but i still want to blog.

title kat atas tuh belom tahu ade kena mengena dengan entry ni.

tadi ada orang jauh buzz i. i'm so happy that she's doing well over there. jeles tengok bakal rumah yang akan dibeli.hihihihi...bestnye if ade rumah camtu!!!!bile la nak ada rumah sendiri. dari start kerja sampai la masih bekerja, still blom ada rumah sendiri. ada je benda lain yang menjadi top dalam "most wanted things". pastu yang kena berkorban adalah beli rumah.eheheh..kesian. takpe one day it will come true!!!

hari jumaat lepas, ada dengar motivasi. pakar motivasi tu berkata, "kita kena ade harapan.harapan tu penting. tak kesah la harapan tu tinggi mana.harapan ini lah yang akan drive kita untuk menjadi orang yang berjaya."

tetibe nak nyanyi lagu menaruh harapan.whut da heck????

ok..photographer mahal!!! terbeliak biji mata bile baca price quotation.huhuhuhu. well that's all for this entry about the photographer.so much for making it the title of this post.hahaha.

i asked my friend to buy this...

this picture was taken from here.. http://www.mobilegazette.com/samsung-jet-s8000-09x06x16.htm

October 14, 2009

acne miracle

my friend, Ainul, intro me to a product called Nexcare Acne Patch. She said it really works. Just patch it on your pimple then next morning....wallla! Gone!

so i tried it myself to see if it really work or not. so i started buying the small one which has 7 patches inside and it cost around RM4. there are 4 small patches and 3 large patches. i started using the small patch on my pimple on the first night. the next day when i woke up, the pimple is gone....man this is good!!! i think it really suits me because i like to prick, poke, and squeeze pimples that I have on my face hence leaving a scar. so if i apply this patch, i won't be able to do any of those and minimize the scars on my face. :)

it says on the packaging that it can be used on whiteheads and blackheads also. But I’ll skip that one. Let me treat all my pimples first then proceed with removing whiteheads and blackheads. Besides, you can use facial scrub to remove whiteheads and blackheads. I’m using Safi Rania Gold at the moment and it seems to be ok with me.

October 13, 2009

purple plan

I love this picture....because it's the picture of the six of us. We finally got together on the day. It was a lot of fun. Just like the good old days in UTP. They were wearing the almost the same shade of color. It was supposed to be a surprise but Ija blurted it out on Friday. I think this picture was from the green camera. I'm not too sure because there was so many sampai ada yang ter'misplace' and etc.
Official picture i have not yet received. Yesterday, Abg Hilmi said, i will only get it next week. I hope it's nice. For the price i'm paying...i think it was kinda expensive. So....i'm making a note to myself to really think about the package.
Future plans? hmmm...i've been doing some research on nikah outfit. we've chosen the date but not yet approved by the parents. we've discussed about the hantarans. so hope all goes well.
Just came back from lunch. Hang out with the guys. (Met mr.Faiz's twin...he is so like mr.Faiz) the guys brainwatched me saying it's not good to be engaged for a long period and etc. well..so many people already told me this. if we were rich, then it wouldn't be a problem. and he's on the other side so we don't really have enough time to discuss or what so ever. but we did discuss...if we have everything already in place then we would move it to an earlier date.
Baju bridesmaid untuk Fuz blom lagi anta jahit. bile ntah nak anta. design ape nak wat pun tak berapa pasti lagi. yang pasti Fuz kasi kaler hijau....it's her color. nnt bukak magazine untuk cari ilham.
Esok plan nk tengok Papadom. I follow my friend. I pun tak sure citer psal ape. Asal Afdlin Shauki sure bestnye! it's either heart touching or kelakar gile.
How to remove this "missing parameter value" in crystal? nak delete pun tak boleh. pening. tu yang tulis entry ni. sebab tengah fikir solution.....kenapa la ko takleh nak delete...oooo....parameter.
Shikin is probably in the States already. Wishing her the best in the new environment. Don't worry mem, u'r by ur hubby...so everything should be fine. :) jangan lupa kiteorang kat Malaysia ni!hihihihihi....take care mem!

October 06, 2009

dah selamat dah

yep. i'm officially engaged to mr.faiz.

gosh getting through this event was really tough. a lot of things happened days before. and it involves the people i love and care most. this must be a test from Allah to see how strong i was. sure i was kinda sad that those things happened but it made me realized that i should be thankful.

my best friend brother end up in an accident and was hospitilized. one of his toe was broken. another brother of her was involved in the earthquake that shook Padang. Alhamdulillah he made in back safely here. another best friend of mine (prev entry), just broke up with her bf after 5 years (stupid guy). and to add to all these unfortunate events, there was no water on Friday.

but all came to an end. saturday morning, water was back and running. all my close and dear friends showed up early. just hearing them laugh and gossiping makes me happy and more relaxed. all in all everything was ok. the food was nice. well i enjoyed it and i do hope that all the guest did as well. my dad, aunties and uncles all came. i was a bit emotional when i see all my families together. ija was happy, she tried her best i know. (i still remembered her face when she looked at me and said "mai..sorry mai..sorry sgt2". after the call from the guy's mom.)

so as i said, all bad things will dissappear and happy things will shine. it truly does shine on my day. thank you so much.

October 05, 2009

sebalik senyuman

this post is dedicated to my dearest friend, Ija.

thank you for being so strong and making my day a happy day for all of us.
i know behind ur smile, you were filled with tears. your heart was broken into million of pieces.

i know it's not easy to let go of the feelings you have for him. after all the years you've been together. we will always be by your side babe. helping you. anytime you need a shoulder to cry on you know you can count on us.

he's a bastard you know. doesn't even have the guts to tell the truth to you...and using his mother to cover his a**? what was he thinking? and telling his mother that you have another guy? wah...besar tol kpala mamat nih!..dah la tipu my friend but dosa besar tipu ibu en.latip oiii.....maybe you can do this to my friend this time around but REMEMBER....what goes around comes around. it could happen to your sister or maybe your own daughter. i nak Ija's face haunt you for the rest of your life! padan muka!biar ko takleh hidup aman.so much for your alim-ness...poyo je....

arghhh..geram nye kat en.latip ni!!!!!!!! huhuhuhu....saba2...saba2. ok...tarik nafas...

October 01, 2009

update on e-day

Check - Check..

fiancee to be
: me
fiance to be : him
date : 3 october 2009, 14 syawal / saturday
time : 11.30am
venue : taman ehsan

caterer : d'hidang..booked already
canopy (1) : booked together with caterer (with scallop) if i'm not mistaken peach & bronze
menu : nasi beriyani, ayam panggang percik, daging dendeng, dalca sayur, acar buah, puding caramel, buah, air kordial sirap oren bersoda and plus, kari kambing which ayah himself will prepare.

baju tunang
: siap dah. td pagi try fitting..sudah muat kembali. yay!
make-up : kak zuhara..simple2 je..
accesories : mama's and kak su's
veil + tudung : kak su wat kan...sewa je

main favor
: bunga

: amik kawan mama..
jurucakap : pakcik husin. neighbor kat rumah.

deco hantaran : kak zuhara
tema hantaran : peach
mini pelamin : kak zuhara and boy...dieorg ni suami isteri, boy is my cousin.kak zuhara is boy's wife
fresh flower : esok kak zuhara and boy gi beli
handbouquet : kak zuhara buat esok skali with pelamin
dulang (7) : kak zuhara
lapik dulang : sewa with kak su..arini amik..only mama knows how it looks like
alas lantai barang hantaran : tiada

hantaran Me to Him :
dulang 1 : sirih junjung (dah beli bunga pinang + gambir + kapur kat sayang you, kak zuhara buatkan)
dulang 2 : kain untuk nikah & sampin
dulang 3 : songkok & sejadah
dulang 4 : cake (thanks Aunty Teh)
dulang 5 : buah-buahan (thanks Kaklong)
dulang 6 : chocolates (thanks Kaklong)
dulang 7 : bunga rampai (hasil kerja ija & fuz)

hantaran Him to Me :
dulang 1 : pulut kuning (umi masak)
dulang 2 : cincin (risik + tunang)
dulang 3 : kain untuk nikah
dulang 4 : buah buahan
dulang 5 : chocolates

thanks to owner of spreadmyhappiness for the checklist


ooo..esok my best buddies are coming over. sweetkan..take leave just for me. :) i love you gals soo much! i'll prepare some food for you ok. makan, gossip!