October 14, 2009

acne miracle

my friend, Ainul, intro me to a product called Nexcare Acne Patch. She said it really works. Just patch it on your pimple then next morning....wallla! Gone!

so i tried it myself to see if it really work or not. so i started buying the small one which has 7 patches inside and it cost around RM4. there are 4 small patches and 3 large patches. i started using the small patch on my pimple on the first night. the next day when i woke up, the pimple is gone....man this is good!!! i think it really suits me because i like to prick, poke, and squeeze pimples that I have on my face hence leaving a scar. so if i apply this patch, i won't be able to do any of those and minimize the scars on my face. :)

it says on the packaging that it can be used on whiteheads and blackheads also. But I’ll skip that one. Let me treat all my pimples first then proceed with removing whiteheads and blackheads. Besides, you can use facial scrub to remove whiteheads and blackheads. I’m using Safi Rania Gold at the moment and it seems to be ok with me.

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