October 06, 2009

dah selamat dah

yep. i'm officially engaged to mr.faiz.

gosh getting through this event was really tough. a lot of things happened days before. and it involves the people i love and care most. this must be a test from Allah to see how strong i was. sure i was kinda sad that those things happened but it made me realized that i should be thankful.

my best friend brother end up in an accident and was hospitilized. one of his toe was broken. another brother of her was involved in the earthquake that shook Padang. Alhamdulillah he made in back safely here. another best friend of mine (prev entry), just broke up with her bf after 5 years (stupid guy). and to add to all these unfortunate events, there was no water on Friday.

but all came to an end. saturday morning, water was back and running. all my close and dear friends showed up early. just hearing them laugh and gossiping makes me happy and more relaxed. all in all everything was ok. the food was nice. well i enjoyed it and i do hope that all the guest did as well. my dad, aunties and uncles all came. i was a bit emotional when i see all my families together. ija was happy, she tried her best i know. (i still remembered her face when she looked at me and said "mai..sorry mai..sorry sgt2". after the call from the guy's mom.)

so as i said, all bad things will dissappear and happy things will shine. it truly does shine on my day. thank you so much.


Scribbles said...

hey, u look really beautiful! will u invite me for yr wedding?


~nasrah~ said...

congrats mai!

dYnA said...

GojEs..fRuST xdpT mOre picS wiTh yOu wiTh uR VaiL oN!

aleena said...

congrats sarah:)

sweet colour pink..