October 29, 2009

How to Eat Hotate

Had lunch with Ainul.
It's been awhile since we both had sushi.
So today we went for Sakae Sushi.
DELICIOUS!!!!!!!Sedap sehingga mata susah nak bukak and perut memboyot ke depan.hahaha.
So I had the Unagi Kabayaki with Tempura bento set which looked something like below...need to remove the tori karaage to tempura..
and she had the something hotate something set. The name was long and it wasn't on the website. we were so hungry we forgot to take some pictures. i only took the last minute ones-when the plates are almost empty..ehehe. according to my friend, seriously there's no rules saying that you must follow this, this is how you eat hotate something.

this is how it looks like....

  1. clean your mouth - drink water
  2. clean all the i have no idea what it is but it's kinda like mayonaise plus cheese by placing it on top of the scallop which is already covered with the mayonaise plus cheese
  3. scoop the hotate...
  4. then open wide and stuff it in your mouth.
  5. chew very slowly and enjoy the taste.

ok we're done and full. now let's get back to reality and do your work!

picture of the set was taken from here: http://www.sakaesushi.com.my/

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