October 13, 2009

purple plan

I love this picture....because it's the picture of the six of us. We finally got together on the day. It was a lot of fun. Just like the good old days in UTP. They were wearing the almost the same shade of color. It was supposed to be a surprise but Ija blurted it out on Friday. I think this picture was from the green camera. I'm not too sure because there was so many sampai ada yang ter'misplace' and etc.
Official picture i have not yet received. Yesterday, Abg Hilmi said, i will only get it next week. I hope it's nice. For the price i'm paying...i think it was kinda expensive. So....i'm making a note to myself to really think about the package.
Future plans? hmmm...i've been doing some research on nikah outfit. we've chosen the date but not yet approved by the parents. we've discussed about the hantarans. so hope all goes well.
Just came back from lunch. Hang out with the guys. (Met mr.Faiz's twin...he is so like mr.Faiz) the guys brainwatched me saying it's not good to be engaged for a long period and etc. well..so many people already told me this. if we were rich, then it wouldn't be a problem. and he's on the other side so we don't really have enough time to discuss or what so ever. but we did discuss...if we have everything already in place then we would move it to an earlier date.
Baju bridesmaid untuk Fuz blom lagi anta jahit. bile ntah nak anta. design ape nak wat pun tak berapa pasti lagi. yang pasti Fuz kasi kaler hijau....it's her color. nnt bukak magazine untuk cari ilham.
Esok plan nk tengok Papadom. I follow my friend. I pun tak sure citer psal ape. Asal Afdlin Shauki sure bestnye! it's either heart touching or kelakar gile.
How to remove this "missing parameter value" in crystal? nak delete pun tak boleh. pening. tu yang tulis entry ni. sebab tengah fikir solution.....kenapa la ko takleh nak delete...oooo....parameter.
Shikin is probably in the States already. Wishing her the best in the new environment. Don't worry mem, u'r by ur hubby...so everything should be fine. :) jangan lupa kiteorang kat Malaysia ni!hihihihihi....take care mem!

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